Vanessa Hudgens Releases Video With Ashley Tisdale, Promotes New TV Show ‘Powerless’

Vanessa Hudgens, the American actress and singer, is best known for her role in the High School Musical trilogy; a series of three romantic comedy musicals that featured on Disney Channel. And most recently, she is known for her portrayal of Rizzo in Fox’s Grease: Live, the television adaption of the 1971 classic movie, Grease. Vanessa portrayed the sassy tough-as-nails Betty Rizzo in the movie, and by all accounts, she portrayed the character to perfection.

Being an enthusiastic singer, Vanessa loves to work in musicals, and she is probably looking forward to being cast in another musical like Grease: Live! According to Just Jared, Vanessa revealed that singing is her passion, and she feels incomplete without her art.

“I sing on set non-stop. It’s not a good day until I’ve sung… for me! Not for anyone else.”

Fans witnessed Vanessa’s singing skills earlier when she worked alongside celebrities like Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale in the hit High School Musical trilogy, whose fourth installment is currently in production. According to E! Online, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale got together and celebrated their shared passion for singing Beyoncé songs while making use of Snapchat filters.

Best snapchat story EVER with my bestie @vanessahudgens ????:ashleymtisdale

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The duo posted a series of Snapchat videos on their Instagram accounts which showed them singing songs from Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. The videos were made even more interesting by their use of Snapchat filters like the hot dog filter and the puppy filter. Vanessa and Ashley are known to be best friends in real life even though they played the roles of die-hard competitors in the High School Musical trilogy. In Ashley Tisdale’s opinion, the Snapchat video was the best story recorded to date as it was shot alongside Vanessa Hudgens, her best friend.

In addition to belting out beautiful numbers, Vanessa Hudgens will be featuring in the upcoming Powerless, a television comedy series from DC Comics that will be featured on NBC. Powerless tells the story of ordinary people who are working in an insurance company that deals with the destruction caused by DC Comics superheroes.

In Vanessa’s opinion, the theme of the upcoming television series hasn’t been explored before as the focus is usually on the superheroes with everyday people affected by their shenanigans usually neglected. According to Entertainment Tonight, Vanessa spoke about the need to highlight the stories of ordinary citizens in the DC Universe whose lives are affected by the superheroes.

“The attention’s always on the superheroes… What about the people who are trying to live their lives, and do their jobs who are affected by it?”

Recently, Vanessa Hudgens joined Danny Pudi and Ron Finches, her Powerless co-stars, at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con to promote the television series. Later, Vanessa headed to the press line to brief the reporters about the upcoming series from DC Comics. Vanessa plays the role of Emily Locke, an insurance adjuster who loves to help people and is irritated by the disruption caused by various superheroes residing in her city.

Apart from pursuing her passion for singing, Vanessa Hudgens also loves to travel on vacation to unwind and escape from the pressures of her professional life. Vanessa took a break in June to visit Italy and enjoy her vacation with her actor boyfriend, Austin Butler. According to Entertainment Tonight, the vacation photos posted by Vanessa on her Instagram account are bound to make anyone jealous as the actress looked absolutely gorgeous while having the time of her life with her boyfriend in Italy.

R O M E #VsVivaItaly @austinbutler

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Her vacation became a memorable one when she joined Austin on a luxury yacht in Portofino, Italy. In Vanessa Hudgens’ opinion, her vacation in Italy was nothing short of magical.

[Photo by AP Photo/Matt Sayles]