‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Claudette’s Scheming Continues As Maxie Panics, Franco Lands In Hot Water, And The Killer Seemingly Strikes Again

There is plenty of action on the way with Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that a fan-favorite character will be popping up in Port Charles, and there is more drama related to the serial killer story. Claudette is playing games with Nathan and Maxie, and viewers will see Elizabeth struggling with her relationship with Franco. What else can everybody expect from the July 29 show?

As everybody saw on Thursday, Claudette quit her job at Crimson after Maxie tried to sabotage her, and she told Nathan that she was leaving town. She managed to get him to give her a ride to the airport, and General Hospital spoilers tease that they will apparently end up stranded in a remote area together after the car seemingly breaks down. Claudette will be talking about how it is all her fault, clearly playing Nathan, as viewers know that she has no intention of simply walking away from her former husband again.

Maxie is anxious to find Nathan, and she will be rattled when she finds out that he left his phone behind, and she sees the shattered wedding photo of him with Claudette in the trash. She worries that he is with Claudette, and according to SheKnows Soaps, Griffin will have to try to settle Maxie down as she starts to worry.

Elizabeth agreed to go on a real date with Franco, and General Hospital spoilers detail that during Friday’s show he will take her somewhere rather unsettling. Previews show her looking rattled and Griffin notices that something seems to be bothering her. He wonders if it is Franco, and it seems that she will be feeling some doubts about agreeing to go on the date with him.


General Hospital spoilers have been teasing that the serial killer is about to hit again, and it seems that Amy is the one who discovers the new victim. It appears that Franco ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Valerie throws him up against the wall as Amy watches. Franco has already been on the radar as a suspect, and it looks like Valerie will pounce on him when she sees him hanging around at the same time as the incident.

Will viewers get more action related to the escape from Cassadine Island? Fans saw that Jason and Sam found a plane, and they loaded everybody up for an escape. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much fuel on the plane, and Jason had to make an emergency landing. People may be left hanging a bit on this front for now, but General Hospital spoilers tease that Valentin is not out of the picture yet, and there is more action related to this storyline on the way soon.


Carly has been trying to find out the truth related to Josslyn’s kidney transplant, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Josslyn’s father Jasper “Jax” Jacks will show up in Port Charles to get involved in the situation. Joss has asked Carly to drop the investigation, looking to her dad for some help on this front. Carly claimed that she stopped the search, but she really intends to keep digging. Jax won’t be sticking around for long, but fans will be thrilled to have him back for a bit.

Is Franco tied to the serial killings, or is someone else responsible? Will Claudette be successful in splitting up Nathan and Maxie? What comes next for everybody who has been trying to get off of Cassadine Island? General Hospital spoilers share that there are plenty of wild moments on the way in the coming week, and fans will want to be sure to tune in to see what comes next.

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