James Bay ‘Could Tour Forever,’ But He Has To Stop Long Enough To Record Another Album To Follow ‘The Chaos And The Calm’

James Bay lives to tour, and he’s been on the road for most of his career. Selling out shows and building his fan base is what he loves, but duty calls, and it is really time to make a second album, according to BBC News.

“I could tour forever but I’m excited to park that for the moment; write and record new stuff so I can come back with even more songs in the set.”

The Chaos and the Calm, Bay’s first album, has been very successful spent two years on the Billboard charts. His single “Let it Go” has reached the top 10 in the UK and has been in the top 20 for quite a while. His recent remake of “Hold Back the River” is just hitting new markets in the United States and proving that America is hungry for James’ folksy ballads, according to Billboard.

James Bay is ready to start recording again. He simply needs more songs, so the young Grammy winner needs time to write and record new music. That means he will have to stop touring long enough to write and record the new work. Oddly, Bay told BBC News he is not that familiar with studio work.

“I cannot wait. But I’m not used to the studio. It’s been a while.”

The Chaos and the Calm was recorded in Nashville. That’s a long way from home for an English lad, but the “Hold Back the River” singer is very comfortable with traveling.

James Bay has a lot of interesting choices to make now. With all the possibilities opened, where will he choose to make his next album? James told BBC News he could write and record his music virtually anywhere.

“It’s a whole alien experience. I could go find some shack in the middle of nowhere, Bon Iver-style, or find some fancy studio in the middle of the city.”

James Bay has an amazing array of options. For someone who is quite comfortable traveling the globe, saying one could make an album virtually anywhere is pretty open-ended. Where in the world will he make his next chart-topper?

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James Bay [Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images]

The Chaos and the Calm may have been produced with the budget at least somewhat in mind, but now Bay is free to choose whatever his heart desires. It will be interesting to see where he really wants to make his album.

James Bay revealed a fascinating tidbit of information about how his songs are created. For fans who are wondering, apparently, James first conceives his songs on the road. He writes them rough while traveling and refines them in the studio later.

“I’m catching new ideas all the time. I’m waiting for the tour to finish so I can take the skeletons that they are and flesh them out.”

The Chaos and the Calm, “Hold Back the River,” and “Let It Go, along with a few cover tunes, are the entire content of Bay’s concert sets. Soon, though, James will put the flesh on the bones of those ideas. Then, there will be a whole new album of music and another tour.

James Bay by Michael Regan c
James Bay [Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images]

For Now, James Bay is on the road, eating his favorite on-the-road breakfast of cereal and sipping tea with a little milk and one sugar, according to Billboard. Bay is traveling light, with his trademark hat, an Austrailian Akubra — which he purchased in Nashville — and Dr. Martin’s Smooth Black Boots on his feet. James told Billboard he especially loves these boots because of their comfort.

“My most favorite at the moment are a pair of well-battered, laceless DM boots with a really soft, cushioned foot bed. I found them ’round the corner from a venue we were playing last summer in Ohio. I’d been wearing one type of boot forever and fancied a change, and they were perfect.”

James Bay also loves his new and rather expensive Saint Laurent Classic Motorcycle Jacket, which features fake snakeskin tassels. James told Billboard he loves the outrageous look of it.

“The tassels are a bit ridiculous, I know, but that’s half the reason I love it.”

The Chaos and the Calm is selling more copies than ever in the UK and America. With a new album soon to be underway, Bay’s star is still rising. There is nothing to limit this traveling man from staking his claim to super-stardom in the popular music world.

James Bay, the “Hold Back the River” singer, is still on the road, but he’s soon to record a follow-up to The Chaos and the Calm.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]