‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Returns To Port Charles, What Does He Know About Josslyn’s Kidney Donor?

Ingo Rademacher is back on General Hospital, and he is bound to cause some trouble while he is in Port Charles for a short visit. He is expected to appear the first week of August to visit with his daughter Josslyn and also to make sure his ex-wife, Carly, stops her search for their daughter’s kidney donor.

It has been a while since the actor has been on General Hospital, and viewers are happy to have him back. The current story line has Carly digging into where Josslyn’s kidney came from, and even though her daughter pleaded with her to stop because she was being publicly embarrassed, Carly has carried on with the investigation. Jasper Jacks knows Carly very well, and after he got the call from Josslyn telling him that her mother had stopped digging, he knew better than that. This is the reason that he decides to show up, and according to TV Source Magazine, he is going to throw out some threats to make sure she stops digging. But is there more to it than meets the eye?


Josslyn was supposed to get Jake Webber’s kidney when he supposedly died a few years ago, but Jake came back alive and well. Now that Carly knows that Jake wasn’t the donor, she is on a mission to find out where it came from, and she won’t stop until she does. Jax is returning to General Hospital to put a halt to it, and it looks like he will do whatever it takes, even threaten Carly with consequences if she continues. He could threaten to take Josslyn back to Australia to live with him. That would certainly get Carly’s attention.

It looks like Sonny will also get involved. These two men have always been at odds, and having Jax back is not going to sit well with the mobster. Unfortunately, Josslyn is right in the middle of it. Will she want to go live with her dad?

General Hospital scene [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for DATG]It is odd that Jax would come back to Port Charles to make sure that Carly isn’t continuing with the investigation. It could be that he is concerned for his daughter and her privacy, but it could also be that he doesn’t want Carly or anyone else to find out where that kidney came from. It has been suggested in a few General Hospital spoilers that maybe Jax had something to do with it and he wants to keep it quiet. He could have had his hand in getting the kidney illegally, or maybe he was in cahoots with Helena Cassadine in desperation to save his daughter’s life.


It will be great to have Ingo Rademacher back on General Hospital. However, it will be a very short visit. According to Soap Opera Digest, the actor is already done filming his scenes and is heading back to his home and family in Hawaii. He is up for a return to the soap if he is asked to come back.

“Hawaii is just a flight away, and there are flights leaving for Los Angeles all day long! I’d love to be asked back.”

Ingo loves being on set and hanging out with his General Hospital co-stars and has snapped many photos while filming his scenes. He has been on the daytime drama off and on since 1996 and has been hugely popular. Viewers are thrilled to be able to see him back, even if it is for a short time.


If Jax is involved in getting the kidney for his daughter, it will be interesting to see if Carly finds out about it or if he spills the truth to her eventually. She may just be happy that her daughter is alive and well, no matter where the kidney came from.

Do you think Jax had anything to do with Josslyn’s kidney donor?

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