Amal Clooney To Put Law Career On Hold To Be A Fashion Designer?

Amal Clooney’s impeccable taste for fashion might be taking her down a whole new career path, away from her career as a human rights barrister. Rumors have begun to swirl involving an opportunity for the beautiful and fashionable barrister to become a co-consultant with one of the world’s most notable fashion houses.

Grazia magazine shares the apparent opportunity that has been offered to Clooney.

“Oscar de la Renta’s creative director Peter Copping wants the British lawyer to work with the fashion house as a co-consultant for their brand.”

A supposed source has been quoted as sharing details about Amal and her intentions in the fashion industry.

“Amal has long been obsessed with clothes, but she never considered working in the fashion industry. Since finding herself in the spotlight, she’s collaborated with designers who have created custom-made pieces, and had a very hands-on role. She’d love to develop these working relationships further.”

Grazia goes on to state that Amal has been approached on a number of occasions to model for fashion houses due to her incredible fashion sense, but that the barrister, although flattered, needs to focus on her legal career. Additionally, Clooney is accused by the publication as having exploited herself in the legal world by way of her connections to Hollywood via her hubby George Clooney. Grazia mentions that just last month, Amal was branded as “Kim Kardashian with a law degree.” The publication shares words of the source noting Clooney’s cautious manner in approaching the supposed offer from the fashion house due to the apparent reputation.

“Amal is well aware her critics will have a field day if she enters the fashion arena, and that is part of her reservation, She doesn’t want to be seen to be neglecting her work as a barrister. George is said to be hugely supportive and it’s believed he thinks that if she can combine her love of fashion with her “day job”, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t.”

Celebrity Dirty Laundry has scooped up the story from the Italian tabloid and have pushed the subject to a whole new level, suggesting that Clooney is actually considering giving up her role as a successful human rights lawyer to pursue this opportunity in fashion. Gossip Cop shares the words of the celebrity gossip site.

“Amal Alamuddin’s career as an International human rights lawyer has definitely seen it’s fair share of ups and downs [sic]. And that might be the reason why George Clooney’s wife is looking to switch gears and become a celebrity fashion designer instead.”

The site then suggests that Amal has been offered such an intriguing opportunity due to the connections that her husband, actor George Clooney, has brought to Amal’s life. Additonally, the site implies that the barrister’s career in the court room has taken off due to her husband and the publicity he brings to her cases.

Gossip Cop clarifies and debunks these outlandish rumors that state Amal is thinking about walking away from a successful and exciting career as a human rights attorney, for which she has achieved all success void of any assistance from George Clooney. The beauty has earned her status in the court room and continues to impress while currently representing victims of the Islamic State. Clooney is not leaving her position for fashion. GC sums it up.

“Clooney has no intentions of putting her law career “on hold” to be a fashion designer. And the webloid would have known that if it bothered to fact-check before running its wishy-washy report that was based on a disreputable tabloid. Lastly, let’s not forget that CDL is the same site that said Amal was divorcing George last December.”

[Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]