‘The Walking Dead’: Negan Continues Victimizing Rick’s Group Throughout First Half Of Season 7 [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead is not the same world, at least Rick Grimes will realize it isn’t the same in Season 7. Last weekend, the cast attended Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego. Although who Negan killed was kept a secret, there were other TWD spoilers that were released. If you don’t want to know any secrets or what could happen, then do not continue reading.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Negan isn’t going away anytime soon. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was promoted to series regular. However, months before the announcement, the actor teased that Negan would be around for a few years. So, what can fans expect when TWD returns to AMC?

Everyone knows that the Season 7 premiere will show who Negan killed in The Walking Dead. Season 6 ended with a cliffhanger, and fans were upset. Months have gone by and while there are many theories, no one will know anything for sure until October.

For viewers that think Negan’s kill in The Walking Dead will be the worst thing to happen, there is more coming. During the first half of the season, Negan will be “wreaking havoc,” according to the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also said that some fan favorite characters won’t be on The Walking Dead by the midseason finale. This certainly sounds like Negan is going to be on a rampage and will kill several characters.

The Walking Dead actor also spoke about how fans will see the characters in a new way and it won’t be pretty.

“You’re going to see your favorite characters in a position that they’ve never been in before,” Morgan added, “which is super vulnerable and victimized.”

It’s not just a new villain on The Walking Dead, it’s an entirely different world. On AMC‘s official website, Greg Nicotero discussed some hints in the Season 7 trailer. One of those was how the Sanctuary was teased quite a bit and gave an example.

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“Right before Negan pounds on the gate at Alexandria, there’s a shot of a zombie,” Nicotero revealed. “Again, you can see that because of the way that his wrist is spiked and because there’s a spike going through his torso, that’s another tease of the exterior of the Sanctuary.”

For those that have not read The Walking Dead comic books, Negan and the Saviors use spiked and chained walkers as a defense system. They are placed outside the Sanctuary, which is the Saviors’ home base. They are lined up to deter others from getting in. It’s like a zombie apocalypse home security system.

“Fans who know the comic books will know that part of the defense of the Sanctuary is that they chain walkers,” Nicotero explained and added, “there’s a wooden spike there and you definitely get the sense that we’re outside of the Sanctuary where zombie body parts are spiked and lashed and chained to the fence as a defense and a deterrent.”

Other things to note in The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer include Ezekiel and Morgan together in the background and Carol’s first appearance shows her still having untreated injuries. However, later in the trailer, Carol appears to have a new bandage, indicating Morgan finally got her somewhere safe. Based on a soldier from The Kingdom appearing in Season 6, many fans believe that is where Morgan and Carol will go. Now the question is when will they find out what Negan has done, and what will they do about it?

What do you think will happen with Rick Grimes and the other characters? What are your predictions regarding Negan and the Saviors in The Walking Dead Season 7? Find out when AMC begins airing new episodes on October 23.

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