‘Jason Bourne’ After-Credits Scene: Will There Be A Scene Hidden At The End Of The Latest Spy Thriller?

Will Jason Bourne have an after-credits scene to reward viewers willing to stick around to the bitter end of the spy flick?

The post-credits scene is an increasingly popular way for directors to add a bit of closure to movies, with a scene showing at the very end of the credits that closes out the story or gives a bit of insight into a specific plot line.

These scenes are particularly prevalent in action movies, and even more so in those that are part of a series. They are often used to show viewers a bit of what’s to come, a popular tactic in superhero movies where the after-credits scene can introduce a new hero or villain.

[WARNING: Potential Jason Bourne spoilers ahead]

So, will there be an after-credits scene in Jason Bourne? No.

In just a slight departure from the previous movies in the series, Jason Bourne has no end-credits scene for those willing to stick it out. That’s mostly consistent with the previous movies, although the 2012 installment The Bourne Legacy did have a final scene that extended through the beginning of the credits, Media Stinger noted.

There may not be as many people around to see if there’s an after-credits scene in Jason Bourne as there were in the previous movies in the series. The latest chapter in the spy saga has been drawing some subpar reviews, including the USA Today review, which said the movie stumbles despite the return of Matt Damon into the lead role.

The review noted that the first three Bourne movies serve as a “well-told and complete trilogy,” but that the subsequent ones are lacking the same appeal.

“The latest globetrotting affair is about as creative as its title: With the exception of a wild car chase through the Strip and a timely plot point dealing with surveillance in a post-Snowden world, the movie is a by-the-numbers action film that’s not nearly as strong as its Damon-led predecessors.”

Those poor reviews are reflected in the box office predictions for Jason Bourne. Though the movie is expected to top the box office results for the July 29 weekend, it’s expected to regress from the previous Bourne films and open at roughly $50 million for the first three days. A strong second weekend for Star Trek Beyond has the potential to push it down even more.

There will be plenty of chances for Jason Bourne to do well, as it will open on a total of 4,025 screens, the highest in franchise history. But after a long series of sequels to hit the theaters this summer, there is some fear that moviegoers may be a bit burned out as the calendar is about to turn to August.

There’s a lot working in the movie’s favor, however. It’s still a Jason Bourne movie, which in itself will attract a lot of fans of the series. And it does have the return of Matt Damon in the title role after Jeremy Renner took the helm for a brief turn.


British director Paul Greengrass is back as well, a return that helped attract Damon back to the franchise.

“To be reunited with Paul Greengrass was really the main reason for making this movie for me,” Damon said (via Gulf News).

“There’s great action in this movie. There are some really great fight sequences that we worked really hard on…and also we’ve got a car chase in this movie that is bigger than anything we’ve ever done.”

But with no after-credits scene in Jason Bourne, moviegoers can feel free to leave as soon as the credits start rolling and get a head start on the drive back home.

[Image via Universal Studios]