Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, And Alicia Cargile Love Triangle, Is Rob Happy About Kristen’s Lesbian Lover?

Kristen Stewart Rob Pattinson and Alicia Cargile

It’s not easy to move on from a relationship, but Robert Pattinson is sending a great message, and acting as a “sweet” example to exes everywhere. Pattinson and Kristen Stewart split years ago, but have remained a hot topic for celeb relationship watchers. According to iTech Post, Kristen was even taking the blame for breaking up Rob’s romance with FKA Twigs, although Rob and FKA are actually happily engaged. That engagement didn’t stop the Twittersphere from a frenzy of tweets about Rob and Kristen getting together again, but the story wasn’t true.

So many Twilight lovers just couldn’t let go when it came to Kristen and Rob as a couple. They really wanted Robsten to be a thing forever.

One Twitter user said that the reason sea levels are rising is because of all the tears from Rob and Kristen fans.

The rumors of a renewed spark between Pattinson and Stewart, and a new episode of Robsten for their fans, have finally been put to rest by Kristen herself. Amid the claims of Kristen wrecking Rob’s engagement to FKA twigs, and speculation about the Twilight actor’s sexuality, Stewart has finally confirmed what lots of people already knew. Hollywood Life reports that “the 26-year-old actress finally opened up” about her relationship status, explained yet again that she is not in any way involved with Rob, and shared her feelings about girlfriend Alicia Cargile.

Kristen didn’t just go public with the information, she was considerate enough to talk to Rob about it ahead of time and make sure that Rob “wasn’t caught off guard” and there was “no bad blood” between them. An insider talked about how Kristen decided to handle the revelation about her sexuality. “Kristen gave Rob a heads up about the interview and he was very supportive,” said the insider. Rob had no problem with news about Kristen’s sexuality and was happy to know that his ex is happy.

“He told her he was proud of her.”

Pattinson continues to be “adorably supportive” as Kristen moves on with his life, and fans are happy that they are both so happy. Kristen said publicly that she’s “really in love” with her new girlfriend, and love is always great to see.

Whether or not it’s true that Alicia is Kristen’s girlfriend has been a question fans have been wondering about for a while. When the two women were “spotted passionately making out in public” early in July, the question answered itself for most people, but Stewart had yet to confirm either her sexuality or her girlfriend, and the rumors about Stewart and Pattinson continued.

Kristen isn’t one to keep a secret about herself, either. The Sydney Morning Herald points out that Stewart is becoming more and more a woman who is “going to be just who she wants,” including being open about her sexuality and having romantic relationships with other women. She says about her acting that keeping things hidden gets in the way of communicating, and it looks like the same thing is true in her private life.

“I feel as soon as I feel revealed and visible, that is when I am actually conveying something worthwhile.”

When Kristen and Alicia first met, they were best friends rather than romantic or sexual partners. Over the years, that changed, and they were sometimes seen holding hands in public and showing some obvious PDA. Then things seemed to cool off between them when Stewart dated Soko, a French singer, but in the spring of 2016, Kristen and Alicia were seen together again.

Throughout it all, Rob never stopped being Kristen’s friend, and now he’s really been strong just when Kristen needs him.

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