Second Member Of The Justice League To Appear In ‘Suicide Squad’

The cast for Suicide Squad is already known to be quite huge as the team of villains is rather large, but there are more characters around them. Batman (Ben Affleck) is already known to be in the film and have a showdown or two with The Joker, but he won’t be the only superhero. It has now been revealed that another member of the Justice League is going to appear in the film and it may not be who you think.

Some of the following information could be considered spoilers for Suicide Squad, so only keep reading if you don’t mind knowing what will happen.

It’s no big surprise that Batman is going to appear in Suicide Squad as it was revealed long ago via the filmmakers. From there, he showed up on top of The Joker’s car in set clips and trailers for the movie, but he won’t be the only member of the Justice League who is going to make an appearance.

Again, following information will contain some spoilers for Suicide Squad so please stop reading now if you don’t want anything revealed for you before it hits theaters.

The next movie in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) will be released in theaters on August 5, and the mega-team of villains will not only have to deal with Batman but also The Flash. has revealed that Ezra Miller‘s speedster is going to show up in Suicide Squad.

justice league the flash batman appear in suicide squad member [Image via Warner Bros.]There has been no real information yet released about what The Flash will do in the film, but he has been confirmed to appear. Ben Affleck’s appearance as Batman has been seen in some capacity and he will end up in a confrontation with The Joker, but what will Barry Allen do?

One thing that is certain is that he’s going to show up in Suicide Squad even before the entire villainous team appears on-screen. The cast list has made its way online and things are going to start off with Will Smith’s Deadshot but Flash shows up before Diablo, Killer Croc, and Enchantress.

Yibida reports that only a few details have come out about Miller’s time in the new movie, and it has to do with Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney). Apparently, he’s going to be a part of Boomerangs’ backstory and will likely be the reason that the bad guy ends up in jail in the first place.

Some may wonder if other Justice League members will show up, but it seems unlikely at this point. With the cast list having leaked online for all to see, no-one else is going to randomly appear in the film unless they were cool with an uncredited role.

For now, The Flash won’t play a large role, but it does get him involved with the villains which could play into his solo film later on.

justice league the flash batman appear in suicide squad member group [Image via Warner Bros.]The bad guys and girls are all coming together for some missions that shouldn’t see them return alive, but at least they won’t have to deal with the Justice League. Well, they won’t have to deal with all of them and there is always the possibility that future battle is waiting down the line in the DCEU.

Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash was introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice but in a very quick manner. He had more screen time in the Justice League trailer than in that film and now, he’s going on to appear in Suicide Squad. The film is already complete with its shoot and opens next Friday, so fans will soon know what the scarlet speedster’s role against the team of villains.

[Image via Warner Bros.]