Lollapalooza 2016: How To Stream The Concerts And Listen From Home

Now that Lollapalooza is here, the first thought that likely occurred to you is that you forgot to get tickets. You likely aren’t alone in having that thought as there are plenty of people sitting at home wondering how to catch the action about to unfold.

Thursday is the official start for Lollapalooza, but it turns out you didn’t need to get tickets in order to see who is playing and when. While it won’t feel like you are there, you’ll still get to see all the great music.

The best way to look into Lollapalooza and check out the fun shows slated is to check out Reb Bull TV. This web service is going to be showing quite a bit of the festival, and you can certainly check out quite a bit of what’s going on by visiting the website.


Lollapalooza coverage on that website kicks off at 6:00 pm tonight in Chicago. The website is going to be offering three “channels” that will show as much of the festival as you could possibly hope to see.

There isn’t a ton going on when Lollapalooza first kicks off tonight, though it will be starting off with a bang thanks to Yeasayer and Flosstradamus. Friday is really where the fun begins for people who want to spend the whole day listening to good music.

Of course, one of the really interesting things about this festival is that it will literally be a several day experience. Music will be playing from now through noon on Monday. This means should you be having a bad case of insomnia, you can tune into the concert and check out who’s playing.

The Red Bull TV website will also allow for you to see exactly who is playing at any given time and plan your day and nights accordingly. Lollapalooza has long been a festival that has plenty of up and coming acts as well as some truly big names.

Future, Major Lazer, Halsey, Red Hot Chili Peppers and LCD Soundsystem are all confirmed to be playing at Lollapalooza. Lana Del Ray had said she was going to be appearing as well.

The festival is still one that also helps show people who are there in Chicago some bands they may not have heard of or heard much from until now. Lollapalooza in Chicago will certainly allow more people than ever before to see the acts that are playing.


Those who don’t want to watch the concert on their computers can also tune into their Sirius XM Radios over the weekend. Rolling Stone reports there will be all kinds of broadcasts of the live music event on a number of the channels across the dial.

On that platform, the first Lollapalooza performance will be broadcast at 4:30 PM. The program will be broadcast on the Alt Nation channel. Friday will be the beginning of the continuous coverage of the show.

Sirius XM is going to be playing the festival on Spectrum, Electric Area, Octane, Hip-Hop Nation, Jam_On, and SiriusXMU. Those who know these channels best are going to know when they should tune in and what they’re going to be hearing when they do tune in.

It’s certainly a different world for music fans that it was just a few short years ago. There was a time when being out of luck when it comes to a ticket to the show would mean just having to hear about it.

The Internet has changed the way this kind of thing is pulled off these days. Whether or not that’s a good thing for Lollapalooza, in the long run, will be seen in the next few years.

[Photo by Raphael Dias/Getty Images]