WWE News: Backstage Heat On Nia Jax After Debut On 'Raw'?

Will McCormick

WWE made a bold move bringing Nia Jax to the main roster during the WWE Draft. She hadn't even been a top female in NXT for an entire year, but she had been in two big match situations for the NXT Women's Championship against both Asuka and Bayley. However, losing both those matches hurt her dominant aura in NXT, despite having strong performers in those matches.

Nia Jax is going to have to deal with losing that unbeatable aura at some point in her career, but WWE officials made it clear that they thought she was ready to be a top female on Raw. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who believe that she doesn't have nearly the necessary experience in the ring to be a part of WWE's main roster, especially with Bayley waiting for a spot.

No matter what anyone thinks about her, Nia Jax is in control of her own destiny. WWE is giving her the chance to be a star, and she has proven during her time in NXT that she is capable of performing well in high-pressure matches. But, the pressure may have caused her to make a mistake on Raw during her WWE debut against a "local competitor," and there are some rumors about Nia having some backstage heat with WWE officials because of it.

Accidents happen in the ring all the time, but Nia's style in the ring can be quite stiff. The incident has apparently caught the attention of WWE officials, who are rumored to be upset about Jax's debut not going as seamlessly as it should have. However, it is being reported by Ringside News that WWE officials aren't viewing the minor injury to Baker as a big deal. It won't be impacting Nia Jax's push in WWE. In fact, WWE officials are just chalking it up to nervous jitters during her main roster debut.

Obviously, Nia Jax is going to need to be more careful in the future. If incidents like this continue to happen, eventually a lot more people are going to blame WWE officials for being her to Raw too early from NXT. Jax is one of the most unique female performers WWE has ever had, so it would be a shame for her push to get derailed based on issues in the ring that can be fixed.

That's a rare thing for a WWE superstar, especially a female one. Her size is also her greatest strength because she can't be out wrestled in a match by anyone. In a match with Nia Jax, she's going have to be beaten at her own game. Asuka and Bayley have proven that it can be done, but none of WWE's other women are going to be able to dominate her.

The unbeatable aura Nia Jax currently has is going to wash away eventually. If she had stayed in NXT, it would have gone away much faster because she had been beaten. Now, Nia Jax is on Raw with an entirely new group of women. There is no question that WWE officials are looking at her to become a future WWE Women's Champion. The question is when she will be ready?

[Image via WWE.com]