‘Gilmore Girls’ 2016 Reboot: Netflix Release Date, Which Cast Members Are Returning And For How Many Episodes?

Netflix has announced that its Gilmore Girls reboot will air on the streaming service on November 25. However, details about the new season of Gilmore Girls are still pretty thin on the ground, leaving many fans asking which cast members are returning and how long will the new series run for? Dissecting the new reboot trailer provides plenty of information about the new season, which is set to air on the Netflix streaming service later this year under the Netflix Originals banner.

According to the Radio Times, Netflix has announced that their new season of Gilmore Girls will air on the service on November 25, timed to coincide with Thanksgiving this year. Alongside a much-awaited release date for the reboot, Netflix also provided a fresh trailer, giving us a first glimpse at how the new season of Gilmore Girls shapes up. What’s more, the new trailer provides the first real idea of which characters from the original Gilmore Girls are set to return as part of the Netflix reboot, announced earlier this year.


Executive producers Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino have been actively involved in producing the new reboot of Gilmore Girls to keep consistency with previous seasons. Meanwhile, key stars from the original show, including Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Scott Patterson, have all confirmed their return.

In terms of casting, the Gilmore Girls is shaping up to take a pretty similar form as the original show. However, Netflix has very different plans in terms of how it will release the new season. As previously mentioned, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be officially available on Netflix beginning on November 25. However, it’ll take the form of four different television movies, all 90 minutes in length. The plan is to span each of those episodes over the course of the four different seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall.

The new trailer even gives us a glimpse of the show’s updated pop culture references, with Lorelei wondering if the popular comedian, Amy Schumer, would like her. Fans of the Gilmore Girls can expect plenty of similar pop culture references when the full season is available in November.


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Gilmore Girls wasn’t the only upcoming series that Netflix released some key details about, however. According to Variety, Netflix dropped a number of release dates for their upcoming seasons, including dates for Black Mirror and The Ranch.

Netflix’s line-up of original programming expands each year, with the streaming provider introducing more new original shows than ever before this year. However, the streaming provider has also benefited from rebooting classic shows, much like they have done with Gilmore Girls. Earlier this year, Netflix released new episodes of the 80s sitcom, Fuller House, which was met with a good deal of success for the streaming provider, with Netflix quickly ordering another season.


That being said, Netflix has already stated that their Gilmore Girls reboot will be a limited revival. With that in mind, the streaming service isn’t expected to release any episodes beyond the four they have planned for later this year. However, if the 2016 reboot of Gilmore Girls is a runaway success for Netflix, much like Fuller House was earlier this year, it’s incredibly likely that the online streaming provider will reconsider their decision not to order more episodes of the show beyond this limited revival.

Gilmore Girls streams on Netflix for a limited reboot series on November 25, 2016.

[Image via Warner Bros. Television]