‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Helena’s Clues Are Finally Coming Together, What Does She Have In Store For Lulu And Laura?

Cassadine Island has been full of surprises this week on General Hospital, but it’s not over just yet. There is still more to come before the crew finds a way out of that creepy place. On Wednesday’s episode, Laura played doctor on Kevin, in the literal sense as she took the bullet out of his shoulder. Even more shocking is that Lulu finally made a connection with the clue that Helena Cassadine left her in the will.

Apparently, that island is the place to be when it comes to discovering shocking secrets. Laura called it the cursed island that brings everyone death, which may include her son and ex-husband. Of course, that is most likely not true but that place certainly has its share of shocking surprises. According to General Hospital spoilers by We Love Soaps, Jason and Sam are expected to run upon some type of dangerous discovery. What could it be? Everyone seems to be in for some revelations soon.


Lulu is finally getting a clue to the actual clue that she has had for months. When she received that blank piece of paper from Helena in her will, she thought it was just a mean-spirited joke from the dead, but Lulu finally realized on yesterday’s General Hospital that she was basically led there by the Cassadine matriarch in order for her to find something, or maybe someone.

General Hospital spoilers had teased that a mysterious woman would show up on Cassadine Island, and she did end up surprising Dante, Lulu, Laura, and Ava. She claimed to be a local there, but no one seemed to trust her just yet. As they grilled her on where exactly she lived, she mentioned the street that she resides on and Lulu recognized the name. She learned from the stranger named Daphne that her address was exactly the same one as the return address on the envelope that the blank clue was left in.

Helena led her to Cassadine Island to discover something that may change her life forever. General Hospital rumors are swirling that the child that is expected to be found in the care of Daphne could be Lulu’s daughter. The girl named Athena has been supposedly living on the island her whole life, and was a companion to Jake when he was there, as well. This would definitely be a shock to Lulu if this is the child that she has unwillingly shared with Stavros Cassadine.

Remember that Helena still had the embryo that Stavros was going to implant into Lulu when she was held captive on the island. After he was supposedly killed by Dante, Helena said that her son would live on, and Stavros did promise Lulu that she would have his child. So, it makes sense that this is what Helena was trying to reveal to Lulu in the clue that was given to her.


In the video that Helena set up for the reading of her will, she told Lulu that she had done the most for her, and that probably means that she made it possible for Stavros to live on through their child. It looks like Lulu will finally get what that message really meant.

What about Laura? Helena left her that key, and she and Kevin had been following the clues, which led them both to Cassadine Island. Helena told her that the key was to what she had loved and lost. Now that cryptic message may be bad news, especially since Lulu found that skeleton in the tunnels that she thinks could be her dad as seen this week on General Hospital. Luke is definitely someone that Laura has loved in the past. The clues led her and Kevin to the campus disco where it all started for Luke and Laura. Now they are at Helena’s home, where it may all come together very soon.


Is Luke the person that she has lost? Is he really dead? It could very well mean Nikolas, but Helena wouldn’t know that Nik would be shot by Valentin, unless it was all planned out. Maybe she meant Stavros, which would all tie in together with Lulu’s daughter. Does the key open up the house where the child is located? Summer spoilers from She Knows Soaps mentioned that both mother and daughter will have their lives changed forever with an unexpected twist in the story line.

Do you think this little girl will end up being Lulu’s daughter? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out.

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