‘The 100’ Season 4: Clarke To Get A New Love?

Is Clarke going to get a new love interest in The 100 Season 4? During San Diego Comic Con, Eliza Taylor shared her hopes and thoughts on the possibility of Clarke moving forward in her life.

Clarke’s heart was broken when Lexa died during The 100 Season 3. While they got their closure during the Season 3 finale, it still wouldn’t have been enough for her. Her love was gone, and she was forced to move on.

Taylor shared that Clarke isn’t likely to move on any time soon. While she may have sexual relationships — as fans have seen her have in the past — she won’t give her heart up to anyone else. This is just the way humans are, Taylor explained. When a love dies, people don’t think that there is any chance of moving on from that. They don’t believe that they will find love again.

It is worth reminding people that while Clarke is mature and has had to make difficult decisions to save the world, she is still a teenager. She doesn’t have the life experience to know that love can come again, and Lexa won’t be the only person she will ever get to know, care for, and love.

While The 100 fans may not be happy, Taylor says that she does want to see Clarke move on. She wants another love interest on the show, and even joked that it is time for Raven and Clarke to fall for each other. Some fans want to see Clarke and Bellamy together, although others say that a platonic relationship is just right.

Despite saying this, she has also said that her character needs time to grieve, according to Vine Report. This would be the case even if she wasn’t in a same-sex couple. It would be natural to allow a character time to grieve. That being said, it is possible that love could strike when she least expects it. If she starts to get feelings for someone else, will she decide not to play on them? After all, that’s two people she cared for, loved, and had a relationship with who have now died because of her.

As well as a new love, Taylor says that she wants Clarke to stop apologizing for everything. There is so much weight on Clarke’s shoulders, and it is time to lift that off. She says it’s time for Clarke to release the burden on the others who have helped her make decisions and worked out other plans to stop the world from ending. This is especially important when everyone on Earth needs to start working together to stop the real end of the world.

Fans didn’t want to believe a word A.L.I.E. said, but The 100‘s world is coming to an end. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has said that A.L.I.E was telling the truth. The nuclear reactors are breaking down, and all the clans will have to work together stop this from happening.

King Roan is coming to The 100 as a regular character now. Is it possible that he will help Clarke get everyone together to fight this new “evil”? Could this be where Clarke’s heart goes after Lexa, considering the chemistry the two actors have had onscreen?

The 100 Season 4 hasn’t started filming yet, and scripts still need to be written. Lexa definitely won’t return for Season 4, but will that mean Clarke keeps her heart guarded for the whole season? It looks like Taylor doesn’t want that, and some of the fanbase want to see her move on.

The 100 Season 4 premieres sometime in January 2017 on the CW.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]