LuAnn De Lesseps Vows Bethenny Frankel Can’t Ruin Her Happiness With Tom D’Agostino

"The Real Housewives of New York City" Bethenny Frankel

What does LuAnn de Lesseps think of co-star Bethenny Frankel’s claim that she received a series of incriminating texts concerning Tom D’Agostino that may derail the wedding? Apparently, not much. As the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City aired on Wednesday night, LuAnn proclaimed on Twitter that no one, not even Bethenny, can ruin her happiness with Tom. Clearly, whatever it is that viewers will see Bethenny tell LuAnn on next week’s episode didn’t end up stopping LuAnn’s relationship with Tom, much less engagement.

LuAnn declared that none of her co-stairs, not even Bethenny, can ruin her happiness. LuAnn made clear that she thinks that Bethenny and the others who have made disparaging remarks about her relationship, are just miserable themselves and jealous.

LuAnn pointed out that Bethenny almost looked happy to receive and tell information that may hurt her.

LuAnn thanked her fans for their love and support and said that she’s continuing to take the high road.

Bethenny had something to say in response to LuAnn’s tweet that she can’t ruin her happiness. Yet instead of saying something like LuAnn is so desperate to get married that she’ll overlook anything, Bethenny simply pointed out that LuAnn couldn’t even spell her name right. “Money can’t buy you a vowel,” Bethenny snarked, a riff of LuAnn’s song “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”

In her Bravo blog, LuAnn called Bethenny a “terrorist.” Hinting that she doesn’t believe whatever Bethenny ended up telling her, LuAnn wrote that she and Tom are ready for whatever Bethenny’s “concocting.”

“I’m thinking that Bethenny is going to be the terrorist of this trip! You can see how excited she was to tell her friend in Florida about something she heard regarding Tom and me. The look on her face says it all…like a cat who ate the canary! Why some of the girls revel in making me unhappy, I’ll never understand. I’m just glad that I know myself and I know Tom so whatever Bethenny’s concocting, we’re ready for it.”

LuAnn also directly addressed Bethenny’s comment that Tom goes after rich women and that he caught the biggest catch of all with her. LuAnn pointed out that Tom is successful and doesn’t need to marry for money.

“Bethenny has no problem disparaging Tom by insinuating that he dated only wealthy women. Tom is very successful on his own and doesn’t need to marry for money. We will see next week what trick Bethenny has up her sleeve.”

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, the women flew down for a Miami getaway. First, they headed to Palm Beach because LuAnn de Lesseps’ friend offered to have them stay a night in her yacht, where she was later going to throw LuAnn an engagement party. Bethenny Frankel, due to her fibroids, decided to opt out the Palm Beach side trip.

While the other women went to see LuAnn on the yacht, Bethenny chilled out on a Miami beach with a friend. She told her friend about Tom D’Agostino’s “friends with benefits” history with Sonja Morgan. Bethenny also said that Tom goes after rich women. She then told her friend that another friend who has nothing to gain from destroying LuAnn’s relationship sent her a text.

“He’s been through all these wealthy women, or who he thinks are wealthy. He goes through a certain, you know, Barracuda crew on the Upper East Side. The only difference is that LuAnn is like the biggest Barracuda of them all. So now, the ring comes. Wednesday, at 2:30 in the morning, I receive a text, this is a person I know really well who has no dog in this fight, does not care about any of this…”

The episode then cut to Bethenny’s confessional interview, in which she explained that someone sent her a series of texts that are so incriminating that she can’t see LuAnn not calling off the wedding over them.

“Someone sent me a series of texts that are so incriminating that I can’t imagine how it wouldn’t blow up this whole engagement. This could possibly mean the wedding will be cancelled.”

Bethenny’s friend advised her to tell LuAnn.

What was the subject of the texts? Was it about Tom cheating on LuAnn? In an interview with Radar Online, posted on Monday, Tom admitted that there were “actions that [he] deeply regrets.” He did not specify what those actions were.

“With any relationship, there are always bumps in the road. We had one misunderstanding that led to actions that I deeply regret. What is important, is that we were able to work through it and we are stronger than ever.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bethenny wrote in a blog several weeks ago that there’s something “fishy” about Tom and questioned how someone could be involved with three housewives.

A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City shows Bethenny Frankel telling some of her co-stars that she’s going to tell LuAnn de Lesseps about the texts. Obviously, LuAnn and Tom D’Agostino’s social media posts and media interview shows that they’re still very much together and that the New Year’s Eve wedding is still on. Yet perhaps the future episodes will show LuAnn at least giving some pause about Tom and confronting him about whatever it was he did?

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