Justin Bieber Replaces Selena Gomez With Ariana Grande After Her Ricky Alvarez Split?

Has Justin Bieber replaced Selena Gomez with Ariana Grande?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem destined to remain forever linked in the list of memorable celebrity couples. But now Bieber fans are daring to speculate on the possibility that their idol has replaced Selena with another singer, pop princess Ariana Grande, according to Teen Vogue.

Beliebers became intrigued with the possibility when Justin turned to Instagram and posted a picture in which he is Pikachu. Because the photo is taken from a fan account focused on shipping the singer with Ariana, social media went wild with speculation that Bieber and Grande were the new hot couple.

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Bieber skipped mentioning the source of the photo. However, thanks to the watermark of the fan account, the clarity of the source made it easy for fans to begin contemplating the possibility that Jelena (Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez) had been replaced by Jarianator (Justin Bieber + Ariana Grande).

*drops mic* gnight

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The speculation went from Instagram to Twitter, where the #JelenaWillNeverRiseParty hashtag began to trend. It was a contest that had Jarianator loyalists cheering for Ariana and Justin, while Jelena hopefuls continued to urge for the rekindling of the romance between Gomez and Bieber.

There’s no charge to speculate, which gave everyone freedom to happily contemplate the possibilities. But is it also possible that, despite the hopes of Jarianator fans on Twitter, the pictures only show that both singers are fans of Pokémon?

Making the situation even more complicated, Bieber’s mother recently sent out happy birthday messages to Selena, pointed out Elle.

“A birdie told me it was your birthday @selenagomez. Many tweets from the bird or may have been several birds maybe? #HappyBirthdaySelena,” tweeted Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette.

Justin Bieber's mother sent Selena Gomez a sweet birthday message.
Pattie also urged Gomez to stay strong after facing a backlash from her support of her best friend Taylor Swift.

“I am blessed to know you @selenagomez & celebrate this precious day you were born!” gushed Mallette. “Don’t let them get to you. Keep UR peace & joy #LoveWins.”

Bieber’s mother then took the step that caused Jelena fans to explode: She favorited a Jelena tweet.

So what does it all mean? Is it possible that Justin is secretly dating Ariana, or is Bieber’s mother pushing him to reunite with Selena?

The “Sorry” singer’s relationship with both Gomez and Grande has been off-and-on. Selena has repeatedly insisted that the two are no longer a couple, while Bieber has been enjoying casual flings with everyone from 37-year-old reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian to 19-year-old model Hailey Baldwin.

Justin and Ariana even had a feud at one point, but Bieber made the first move to end it back in May, according to Hollywood Life.

Are Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber secretly dating?
“Bumping that new Ariana!! This song is dope as f***,” wrote Justin in his caption form of an olive branch.

Although they even unfollowed each other on Twitter at one point, that photo of her single “Be Alright” offered hope to fans that the two were pals again.

As for the possibility that Grande and Bieber have moved from pals to a romantic pair, Ariana just split with her boyfriend. An insider told Us Weekly that Grande and Ricky Alvarez have ended their relationship.

The two were rumored to be a couple after Ariana was seen locking lips with Ricky in the #Donutgate scandal video. In May, she gushed about her boyfriend.

“We’re happy. I’m a very happy girl,” boasted Grande. “I have a healthy life right now, and I think that’s all anyone cares to know.”

But something changed, and now fans have noticed that the singer deleted all of her pictures with Alvarez from her Instagram account. Ariana also tweeted some cryptic messages, interpreted by some as signaling the end of her romance with Ricky.

“Life is wild … and change is f–king fantastic,” wrote Grande.

Does that change possibly include Justin Bieber?

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