James Bond Sex-Change Request Gains Momentum Amid Steven Spielberg’s Major Revelations

james bond sex change request gains momentum amid steven spielberg revelations

James Bond news is bursting at the seams this week, as the clamor for Jane Bond gains major steam indicating that the moviegoing public might want a sex-change operation for the over 50-year-old movie franchise, according to The Independent. Barbara Broccoli, who, according to James Bond director Sam Mendes, is the sole decision-maker for the next 007 player, is yet to pick her choice, reports the Telegraph. This week, however, the picking becomes secondary to the issue of gender reassignment for the spy-and-assassin icon.

Ian Fleming might turn in his grave at the thought of a gender-shifting James Bond, but the public clamor for a female James Bond has been steadily growing since May 24 as the Guardian shows. The first lady to be recommended for the role is Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame.

Today, The Independent claims that the new toast of the town is Margot Robbie, who is being recommended as a female James Bond replacement as well as a Bond girl. Surely, that must mean there’s a lot of public confidence in the Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad star. The bookies have already made bets with Robbie who is “12/1 odds ahead of Emily Blunt at 16/1, Emily Ratajkowski at 22/1, and Emma Watson at 40/1.”

No doubt, this escalating clamor is, in turn, being buoyed by the growing demand for gender equality, a movement that has gained steady ground in Hollywood. Promoted by Tinseltown luminaries like Jennifer Lawrence, Patricia Arquette, Ariana Grande, and many others, it certainly looks like the fight for gender equality is here to stay, based on a report by Harper’s Bazaar. In particular, gender pay equality is on fire in Hollywood, which can only mean that James Bond’s pay is under the microscope.

Daniel Craig, who played James Bond last, was reportedly paid $51 million for Spectre, according to Mirror. Spectre is the 25th movie in the burgeoning franchise. Craig is the highest-paid James Bond actor who had done four commercially successful Bond flicks. Craig has been offered $100 million, says Market Watch, to return to the 007 set, and yet the actor has turned down the offer.

Franchise authorities do need to address the burning issue surrounding the world’s most famous spy. Maybe it’s about time for a James Bond rebirth in an era where gender reassignment is a growing trend. People have been paying good money to see 007 movies for 50 years, so now could be the best time to make a big change.

Alternatively, James Bond producers can come up with a separate Jane Bond franchise if they intend to keep running with the male 007 series. In this case, Jane Bond will probably be an 008 issue and so on.

Steven Spielberg recently admitted that he has applied for the James Bond directorial position twice in the past but have been turned down each time. The award-winning Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Schindler’s List director also says that his first choice for the next James Bond is Idris Elba of Pacific Rim and Star Trek Beyond fame, says The Independent.

Idris Elba, however, dismisses the rumor that he has been approached by producers regarding the James Bond role. He also tells Vanity Fair that he is too old to be James Bond. Elba is 43 years old while Daniel Craig is 48. Such age disparity only shows that Elba isn’t too old yet to be chasing assassins and hooking up with Bond girls.

Meanwhile, Roger Moore, who has figured in six James Bond movies, has lost a daughter to cancer, reports People. Christina Knudsen passed away on July 25 at the age of 47. Moore and his family mourn the passing of Christina. The 88-year-old Moore will continue to be remembered as the greatest James Bond actor, according to The Independent.

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