Fox News Claims The iPhone 5 Comes With A Laser Keyboard, Holographic Display [Video]

According to a recent report from a Fox News affiliate, the iPhone 5 now comes with a handful of revolutionary features including a laser keyboard and a holographic display. iMore states that New York’s FOX Five decided to do a story about the legions of individuals currently lining up to get their hands on the latest iPhone offering from Apple. After discussing the gadget with a few people who have devoted their free to to acquiring the newest smartphone, the channel then cut to a very baffling clip.

After showing FOX Five viewers some designs of a prototype iPhone 5 circa 2011, the reporters then revealed several features the smartphone would contain, many of which are probably a surprise to the folks at Apple. Not only will iPhone 5 users be able to make use of a brand new laser keyboard, the phone also comes equipped with a state-of-the-art holographic display.

Before you get excited about all of these outrageously cool new features that nobody has been discussing in the months leading up to the phone’s release, it’s worth noting that FOX Five has gotten their facts wrong. According to TUAW, the individuals charged with researching the segment were duped by a concept video posted on YouTube over a year ago.

The video in question, created by the people at Aatma Studios, clearly shows a very strange-looking iPhone 5 before delving into the many wondrous things users can do with their new device. It should come as no surprise to anyone with a passing interest in technology that none of these features will be available on the iPhone 5. Sadly, nobody thought to tell the folks at FOX Five that their research was less than credible. Once word of the snafu spread, the sounds of awkward geek laughter could be heard throughout the world.

Unfortunately for iPhone 5 fans, the latest version of Apple’s popular smartphone won’t come packaged with a laser keyboard or a holographic display. Sorry to rain on your digital parade. The FOX Five video and the Aatma Studios clip have been embedded below.