Calvin Harris To End Taylor Swift ‘This Is What You Came For’ Feud Amid Tinashe Dating Rumors

Calvin Harris is willing to put his differences with Taylor Swift to the side in the hopes that they can both from on from the “This Is What You Came For” fiasco that erupted earlier this month.

Taylor angered Calvin when her team put out a statement claiming that Swift wrote Calvin’s hit song — one of the reasons why people didn’t know about it was because Harris reportedly didn’t want the song to overshadow their relationship at the time.

The 32-year-old was stunned by the comments made via Taylor’s camp, because it almost seemed as if the singer was trying to insinuate that Harris had no actual input in making the song, which the DJ would go on to clarify, stressing that he co-wrote the track with Swift prior to their split.

Calvin would go on to mention that he also produced, edited, and mixed the song with Rihanna’s vocals, but it was clear at this point that Taylor had ill intentions to hurt Harris’ career by putting out a statement that would give fans the impression that the “Style” singer was solely behind the success of the song.

Regardless of who wrote the track, Calvin is convinced that Taylor may have tried to sabotage his career, yet he still finds it in himself to forgive the 26-year-old, making it clear to his close pals that he wants to move on from the situation and doesn’t think there should be an awkward tension between the two.

Award season is quickly approaching, and Taylor may choose to attend, putting her in the presence of the likes of Harris, Kanye West, and Katy Perry — all of whom she has had some sort of feud with in recent months.

According to Hollywood Life, Calvin wants to remove himself from the list of people that are not getting along with Swift, adding that the drama on social media has gotten out of hand. Harris thinks that Taylor has every right to move on, but in doing so, she shouldn’t trash his name and paint him to be the bad guy — after all, she was the one who dumped him.

“Calvin has been in contact with Taylor and is looking to have a truce with her moving forward,” a source revealed. “It is still touch and go and he can see it not working out, but after the drama with his song and everything else, he is considering on moving on as long as she doesn’t put up any issues or drama to the situation.”

The source continued by saying that, as long as Taylor refrains from making any sort of comments about Calvin on social media, he is more than happy to turn the other cheek and move on with his life.

Harris has proven himself to be very defensive when it comes to his music and his image. In one of his Twitter rants last week, the British-born superstar said he wouldn’t let Taylor sabotage his career the way she tried to do with Katy Perry, heavily insinuating that Swift had tried to tarnish the “Roar” singer’s success for allegedly stealing Taylor’s background dancers.

Calvin Harris is now said to be dating R&B singer Tinashe. The two have reportedly been working on music together in recent weeks, which quickly saw their friendship blossom into a relationship. But a source reveals that Calvin is planning to stay much more private when it comes to his relationships from now on, having seen how it affected him the last time around.

[Photo by Eamonn McCormack and Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]