Demi Lovato Rocks DNC Convention, Warns ‘Untreated Mental Illness Can Lead To Devastating Consequences’

Before r-o-c-k-i-n-g the Democratic National Convention with a rendition of the song “Confident,”” musical artist Demi Lovato gave an earnest plea regarding mental illness to the political partisans in the crowd at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

“Untreated mental illness can lead to devastating consequences, including suicide, substance abuse and long term medical issues. “

The assembled democrats appeared to be listening to the celebrity, so Lovato, 23, continued speaking to her audience. “We can do better. Every one of us can do better. By getting educated on this epidemic and its frightening statistics, and by breaking the stigma. I urge every politician to support laws that will provide access to better healthcare, and support for everyone.”

[Mental illness] is “not about politics”

“This is not about politics,” Lovato said. “It’s simply the right thing to do. I’m doing my very small part by having the treatment center that saw me through my recovery on tour with me, so that at least a small group of people, even for a brief moment, can have the same support that I received.”

“It may not be a lot,” Lovato continued speaking to the crowd, “but we have to believe every small action counts. I stand here today as proof that that you can live a normal and empowered life with mental illness. I’m proud to support a presidential candidate who will fight to ensure all people living with mental health conditions get the care they need to live fulfilling lives. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.”

That’s a previous testimony given before Monday evening, of course. Lovato opens up in this video about her struggle with addiction and her eating disorder, revealing she thought she was going to die. (This video is via Rumble online.)