Who Purposefully Derailed Lamar Odom’s Intervention, Planned By His Kids?

Lamar Odom’s family and most of his friends want the best for him, and they want Lamar to get clean and be healthy, but there is supposedly one friend, someone from back in Queens, who derailed the latest attempt at an intervention organized by Lamar Odom’s children Lamar Jr. and Destiny.

Since Lamar Odom’s overdose at the Nevada brothel, those surrounding Lamar Odom watched to see if Odom could turn things around, or if he was going to go back down the same road of drugs and alcohol he was on before with negative influences. Lamar Odom’s father is a drug addict, and Odom’s closest friends were heroin addicts from his childhood in Queens who overdosed and died within the last year, including his friend Jamie, who was featured on KUWTK.

According to the Inquisitr, Lamar Odom was supposed to take a flight to visit his children in New York, but before catching his flight, he visited a strip club and did some heavy drinking, so he vomited on the plane and on himself. Lamar Odom delayed the flight from taking off for nearly an hour before he was removed, and the flight took off without him. Lamar Odom was able to catch a flight the next day to visit with his children, but his strip club, heavy drinking mishap had already made the news.


Page Six is revealing that there is one person in particular that is trying to keep Lamar Odom from going to rehab, and it’s one of his friends from Queens. Though Page Six is reporting that those close to Lamar Odom know who this person is, right now, they are not naming names. Ron Dock, a certified addiction and recovery specialist was brought in by the Odom family (on behalf of Lamar Odom, Jr. and Destiny Odom) to get Lamar Odom the help he needs, and take him to the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center in Florida. Dock explains that the plan was for Lamar Odom to come to the house.

“I had his family there. The main focus was going to be his son and daughter. I had them write letters and they were going to submit the letters to their father explaining their feelings about his behavior. It was all set in place until this negative energy came. For [his friend’s] own selfish motives, sabotage the intervention.”


The friend in question grew up with Lamar Odom in Queens, and fears that if Odom gets clean, he will cut the friend out of his life, per his family and therapist’s suggestion.

“I think some people want people around you to keep you sick so they can get what they want from you. I believe this is the case here.”

The friend in question told Lamar Odom in advance what the family was planning to allow Lamar to avoid the intervention and his family.

“The family and I got there,” Dock said. “[Odom’s friend] called us back and said ‘Hey, I told him you was coming and he got up and left.’ As far as I know he might have still been in there. I don’t know.”

Now all fingers are being pointed squarely at this particular friend, whose name will no doubt be revealed soon. Lamar Odom’s family is hoping that he can get help before he dies, and if not this “old friend” in question will know who worked to keep Lamar from getting the help he needs.

“He’s a very ugly person. If anything happens to Lamar, I would blame that energy right there.”


CBS Sports says that the current intervention and attempt to get Lamar Odom help is by his ex-wife, Liza Morales and his cousins, and has nothing to do with any Kardashians. The Odom family approached the Darryl Strawberry Rehabilitation Center to get Lamar Odom back on the right track before it’s too late.

After Lamar Odom’s near death experience last year, his family, including his children, don’t believe that Odom will get many more chances if he overdoses again. Through much of his life, Lamar Odom has been estranged from his own father, Joe Odom, who is an often homeless heroin addict. Lamar Odom Jr. and Destiny Odom want the chance to have a different kind of relationship with their father.


Do you think that Lamar Odom will finally break down and get the help he needs in rehab, or do you think his friends who use drugs and use him will win out?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]