SDCC: ‘Supernatural’ Fan Gets Super Special Surprise During Comic-Con 2016 Panel, Jared Padalecki Thought It Was ‘Rad’ [Video]

A lot happened at the San Diego Comic-Con this year, such as new trailers for movies and TV series, spoilers, and surprises, but the Supernatural panel had a surprise no one, including the panel, saw coming. While the panel dished on the upcoming Season 12 spoilers, like Mary Winchester returning to the show (alive and well), and Rick Springfield becoming the new Lucifer, one fan got the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend proposed to her in front of the Supernatural cast. According to NBC San Diego, the Supernatural proposal brought “cheers and swoons” from the audience, when the shocked fan, Ashley, accepted her boyfriend’s proposal and they hugged.


Ashley’s boyfriend, Collin, introduces himself first as “fat Castiel, the angel of Doritos,” which elicited laughter from the Supernatural cast and the audience. Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, said, “We do need to introduce that character,” and to Supernatural producer, Andrew Dabb, “Andrew, are you taking notes?”

Collin then said he had a question to ask, if he was able to ask it — if not, he had a backup question. He said that in honor of Season 12, he had a very special question that he wanted to ask his girlfriend. Apparently he had taken the ring out, because Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) looked down with a surprised look and said enthusiastically, “Yes, yes, absolutely!”


The camera then goes to Collin, holding the ring, while his astonished girlfriend Ashley walks up to the mike with her hand on her mouth, to applause and oohs and ahhs from the audience. Collin told her that she was “the sun that brightens my day, and you’re the moon of my life.”

“I can’t think of anybody else I would want by my side, slaying zombies and killing vampires, and uh, killing demons, and whatever else is out there.”

Finally, Collin popped the question, “Ashley Elizabeth Rhodes, will you marry me?”

Ashley simply nodded and hugged Collin, and as he was putting the ring on her finger, Padalecki could be heard saying, “Kiss her, kiss her,” and they did, to which then Padalecki said, “Get a room, get a room, get a room!”

Someone asked Collin what his back-up question was, and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) said, “Someone get that man a bag of Doritos.”

Collin said that for several seasons, they had tried to figure out who had the deeper voice, Cass or Dean. Misha Collins pointed to Mark Sheppard, who plays Crowley, and said, “Unfortunately, I think Mark Sheppard takes the cake on that — he had his vocal cords surgically altered.”


Jared Padalecki injects, “In all fairness, Mark Sheppard talks about 20 hours a day, so I think it’s very worn down.”

After several laughable moments, Misha Collins says, “That may have been one of the first wedding proposals that included talking about the people you are going to kill together.”

Sheppard said, “I want him as one of the demons on the show. I like him!”

Jared Padalecki later talked about the surprise marriage proposal to Access Hollywood. When asked about the proposal, Jared said, “I know, how rad is that?”

Padalecki said they weren’t expecting it, but he was “thrilled she said yes,” and said it would have been awkward if she had said no.

“It was really cool… it kind of amazes me that we can become such a part of somebody’s life that they’re willing to share that with us, and it takes bravery to get in front of how many thousand people…”


As reported by IBT, another Supernatural surprise revealed by executive producer Robert Singer was that there will be a new Lucifer in Season 12, played by Rick Springfield. When Lucifer leaves Castiel’s body, he has to find a new one, and finds a “washed-up singer named Vince Vincente (Springfield).” Fans of the actor who originally played Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) are not happy about this as well as Pellegrino, who retweeted angry fans’ comments, but did say he would like to play a hunter if he can’t play Lucifer.


The Winchester brothers’ mom, Mary (Samantha Smith), was resurrected by The Darkness in the Season 11 finale.


Supernatural Season 12 will premiere on The CW Thursday, October 13, at 9 p.m. EST.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]