‘Return To Amish’ News: Kate Stoltz Speaks Out Saying Amish Do Use Dentists

Last night on a new episode of Return to Amish, there was a lot of talk about Abe Schmucker getting dental work done. It was going to cost over $20,000 to get it done, so Rebecca decided that it was time for her to get a job and help him pay for it. He went and saw the same dentist that helped Rebecca when she got her dentures done. Now, Kate Stoltz is speaking out about how Amish people can get dental work done if they want, to and she went to her Twitter to share her thoughts.

Kate Stoltz shared her thoughts and said, “Just to make it clear… A lot of Amish go to dentists. It’s not forbidden and usually if they don’t it’s because of trying to save money. There’s this big misconception because of the show that Amish don’t believe in dentists or doctors. Amish believe in necessary care. I have 3 brothers that even got braces to improve their teeth.. A lot of Amish people believe in preventative care.” Abe made it sound like Amish don’t do this, and obviously, he didn’t get preventive dental care as a child.

After that, Kate Stoltz went on to talk more about being Amish. It was obviously not for her, and she says that she doesn’t hate the culture. Being Amish just wasn’t for Kate, and it didn’t work out. She is a lot happier being on her own and being able to do what she wants. Kate shared that leaving worked better for her than staying. Now, she can pursue all of her dreams.

During the show last night, Abe didn’t like the idea of Rebecca going off to get a job to pay for his dental work, but he also didn’t like the idea of getting his teeth pulled and getting dentures instead. Abe wanted the teeth he has to be fixed, and that was going to be expensive. Now, fans are just curious to see if he goes through with it or not. Abe was really unsure about doing it because of the cost, but it is obvious that he wants to get the work done.

Kate Stoltz also shared a post on her blog today about accepting where she came from, which is being Amish. She started out explaining it all.

“Why do I try not to talk badly about my Amish upbringing, especially considering that I personally hated being Amish? When I first left, I was angry, upset and hurt. I never fit into the culture. I was too free-spirited, independent and didn’t like the rules. I hated the ministers of the Amish church, and the way they wanted me to follow their idea of how I should live my life. I wanted to leave and never go back except visit my family.”

Kate Stoltz admits that being Amish is not for her. She admits that there are a lot of things that she doesn’t agree with about the way they do things. Kate wanted to get a college degree and have a career. She moved on from being Amish so that she could do these things. Kate wanted more for herself, and that is okay. Kate has obviously moved on and is now focusing on her fashion line.

Are you shocked to hear that some Amish people do get dental work done? Do you feel as if Kate Stoltz is calling out Abe for saying that he didn’t go to a dentist when younger? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Return to Amish on Sundays on TLC. This season has been full of drama, and it is one season you do not want to miss.

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