WWE Rumors: Finn Balor Not Joining The Club On ‘Raw’

One of the nice surprises from the WWE Draft was when Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley chose former NXT Champion Finn Balor, calling up the talented superstar to the main roster for WWE Monday Night Raw. However, the important thing for Finn now is to get off to the right start. When looking at former NXT champions on the main roster, there is a good chance he could stumble. According to 411mania, it looks like the first feud for Finn Balor will be against former WWE world champion Chris Jericho.

This isn’t very surprising. Ever since Jericho returned to the WWE, his main job has been to put over the new young talent coming onto the main roster. While it was disappointing to see Jericho beating AJ Styles in the final match of their feud at WrestleMania 32, he has done a good job at putting over younger wrestlers, and Styles did beat Jericho twice in that feud in PPV matches. Now, it is time for Finn Balor to get that push.

It is also interesting that AJ Styles was the former leader of The Bullet Club in Japan after taking over the role from Finn Balor after Balor signed on with the WWE. It will be interesting to see if Finn can get the same push as Styles, especially since he does not have Chris Jericho’s promo skills and needs to prove himself in the ring and not hurt himself on the mic.

Luckily, Balor and Jericho will get chances to work together off of television, as they are set for the WWE Monday Night Raw house-show circuit, including a match on September 9 in Manila. The two should work together better than Jericho and Styles because Balor’s style is more mat-based compared to Styles, making one believe the matches should be better.

The biggest thing to take out of this is that Finn Balor needs to win his first major WWE feud. While there are names on WWE Monday Night Raw that Finn will be able to feud with over the next few years, it is important to start off with a win. There is no way Balor can kick off his WWE career with a feud with someone like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, or Cesaro without hurting them or himself since it is a debut feud. He needs the older veteran to go over first.

Chris Jericho is the perfect man for the job. The only thing the WWE needs to be careful of is not letting Jericho bury Finn Balor on the mic and letting him shine as a superstar as well as a wrestler.

This also means that Finn Balor will not be taking over leadership of The Club like many believed he would. When AJ Styles was drafted to WWE SmackDown Live and both Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were sent to WWE Monday Night Raw, it looked like The Club was being split up. However, Styles said that they were just expanding and would rule both brands now. He also said they would be expanding. The announcers also mentioned it at Battleground last night.

However, Finn Balor doesn’t look like he will take over the leadership role of The Club on WWE Monday Night Raw. If Balor is feuding with Chris Jericho, who is a clear cut bad guy, and The Club are feuding with New Day, which they are booked to do on the same Manila show, then they are on separate sides of the locker room. However, that doesn’t mean Finn Balor won’t be turning heel in the future, and the Demon could be terrorizing WWE Monday Night Raw instead of saving it.

[Image via WWE]