WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Could Be Done With WWE Soon, Reportedly Frustrated With Current WWE Run

Alberto Del Rio made his way back to WWE last Fall in a huge return that fans loved seeing. Del Rio’s exit from WWE beforehand was seen as a terrible way to go. He got into an altercation with a racist social media worker for WWE who said a racist comment toward Del Rio. When Alberto asked him to apologize for it, he refused and Del Rio clocked him. Despite the fact that the social media guy started it, he threatened a lawsuit and WWE was forced to release Del Rio. Triple H would tell Alberto that he would be hired back once the entire thing blew over, but ADR was needing a break and spent a year away from the company.

When he left, he made quite a mark on the independent scene and around the world. He would work with Lucha Underground and even AAA Wrestling down in Mexico. He would maintain his stardom that he had with WWE and was arguably more popular away from WWE than with it. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon saw this and it was assumed that Del Rio would be hired back and given a big opportunity to become a star for the WWE yet again.

It seemed that this was exactly what WWE was giving him. Alberto Del Rio returned at WWE Hell in a Cell last October and defeated John Cena for his WWE United States Championship. Things went for a turn around the same time as they paired him with Zeb Colter, and they formed a random Mexamerica country where only they would reside. It was dumb and took the momentum away from Del Rio, who would not get much better after.

Del Rio Kalisto [Image via WWE]The idea was to have a John Cena/Alberto Del Rio rivalry once Cena returned to the WWE. However, the moment he returned, he got hurt and had to miss a large amount of time. This led to Del Rio forming a faction with Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev called the League of Nations. The stable was terrible, despite the fact that it could have been pretty good. Del Rio never recovered.

Now it looks like he could be gone from the WWE before the year is up. According to Daily Wrestling News, it is said that Alberto Del Rio has not been happy with his WWE return and could be leaving this fall when his deal comes up. While Del Rio did have some minor heat backstage, Vince McMahon thought there was something that could be saved with Del Rio’s return and planned to push him going into the WWE Draft.

Del Rio would go to WWE SmackDown, where it looks like he automatically becomes one of the top heels due to name value alone. Despite this, it is unknown what will happen with Alberto Del Rio once he gets going on Tuesday nights.

Triple H has been the biggest problem for Del Rio, however, as he did not want to see Alberto get a push for various reasons. One was that he felt Del Rio was already difficult to work with, and using him in a top star role would only make dealing with him even harder.

Del Rio World Title [Image via WWE]Triple H does control talent relations, so this is a pretty significant person to have issue with. It looks like Vince listened to his son in law, which is why Del Rio has not been used extremely well despite various times for the company to do so. This does come back to the control Triple H has. While McMahon normally goes the way he wants, it should be noted that he does take comments from management into consideration.

The fact that McMahon listened to Triple H means that he may also feel that there is some worry with Alberto Del Rio as well. Some believe it may also be a contract thing with Del Rio. With Del Rio’s deal expiring this October, it would not make sense for WWE not to push him and help him become a bigger star. With all that being said, it would not be shocking if Alberto Del Rio left WWE this fall with all of the problems he has had with his current run.

[Image via WWE]