Kim Richards’ Dog Attack Victim Speaks, Slams ‘RHOBH’ Star And Sister Kyle Richards

Kim Richards and her sister, Kyle, are under fire following the latest of many dog attacks by Kim’s pit bull, Kingsley.

In a new interview, following the lawsuit of Paige Sanderson, who claims to have been viciously attacked by Kingsley in April of this year, Kay Rozario, who was attacked by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s dog years ago, is speaking out against Kim Richards and Kyle.

“I would definitely love to talk to Paige Sanderson because I feel partly responsible for her brutal attack!” 80-year-old Kay Rozario revealed to Radar Online on July 25. “[Kim Richards] asked me this same exact thing to me as she did to Paige! She tried to force me to not tell anyone about my attack as I was gushing blood all over the place! I had two huge wounds. I at the time I thought ‘I am definitely going to die at the paws of this dog He is going to kill me!'”

Rozario is a former family friend of Kim Richards and her sister, and has reportedly known the reality stars for nearly 40 years.

Following Kingsley’s reported attack on Rozario, Rozario filed a lawsuit against Kim Richards in hopes of having something done about her dangerous dog. Unfortunately, however, nothing has been done and in Sanderson’s lawsuit, the stylist claims to have been attacked at the home of Kyle Richards.

“When [Kim Richards] would not get rid of the dog, I said, someone has to stop her. What I didn’t want on my conscious was someone to get hurt or killed by that dog! And then this happens!” Rozario explained of her decision to sue Kim Richards. “She still has that dog. Kim has not paid me and will probably never pay me.”

Although nothing happened to the dog, Kim Richards was forced to pay for the damages done to Rozario, but as she stated, the reality star hasn’t yet paid.

“And as far as Kyle goes, this dog almost bit her daughter’s hand off! Not only does Kyle allow [Kim Richards] to keep the dog, but she also allows this dog in her own house? That makes no sense,” Rozario continued.

Rosario went on to reveal that she’s hoping Sanderson wins her lawsuit against Kim Richards and her sister so that the reality stars will learn once and for all that “human life is more important than money or fame.” She also added that she fears the dog may ultimately kill someone if something isn’t done.

In recent years, Kim Richards’ dog has attacked a number of people, including Rozario, Sanderson, a dog trainer, and Kim Richards’ own niece, Alexia Umansky, which is why Rozario was so taken aback by the fact that the dog’s latest attack was said to have happened in Kyle Richards’ home. However, while Kyle Richards owns the home where the reported attack took place, it is not her primary residence. Instead, Kim Richards and her son, Chad, live in the home while Kyle and her family live in another home nearby.

In Sanderson’s lawsuit against Kim Richards and her sister, which was first reported earlier this month by People Magazine, Sanderson said Kingsley “lunged at her, bit and held on to her lower abdomen and crotch, tearing off her leggings and underwear and ripping out portions of flesh” after she arrived to Kyle’s home to style Kim Richards for a Real Housewives shoot.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]