Nikki Reed Blocking Nina Dobrev 'Vampire Diaries' Return Amid Ian Somerhalder Marital Problems?

With the official word from executive producers that the forthcoming season of The Vampire Diaries will be its last, rumors have been alleging that Nina Dobrev could potentially make an anticipated return.

Sources reveal that Nina has definitely been one of the people producers will be reaching out to, hoping that the actress will be interested in reprising her role as Elena one last time. Her participation would presumably strengthen the storyline's conclusion for the sake of those who have been watching since the show's first episode in 2009.

And while Nina has yet to sign on for a possible return to the CW, Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges that fans shouldn't hold their breath in regard to Dobrev coming back to the show, especially with Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed going through their marital problems.

The ouetlet alleges that Nikki would be furious if Nina Dobrev was to return to the show, mainly because the actress has found herself in endless arguments with her husband, so much so that Nina coming back would only make things worse.

Before the 27-year-old announced her departure from The Vampire Diaries, Hollywood Take alleged that Nikki and Nina were often butting heads because of the affectionate and romantic storyline between Dobrev and Ian's character.

Reed would allegedly feel uncomfortable seeing Nina and Ian taking part in romantic scenes, particularly since the on-screen pair used to be a couple themselves. Their split came in 2013, but Nina stressed at the time that things between the two hadn't changed — the romance didn't work out but they remained good friends.

Of course, that was all before Nikki came into the picture and would allegedly show up to the set and watch her then-boyfriend engage in sexual scenes with his former girlfriend, to the point where it would make her uncomfortable.

With this in mind, there's a clear understanding as to why Nikki Reed would not want Nina returning to the show, especially now that her marriage is starting to crumble and things aren't moving as smooth as they were this time last year.

The good news, for Nikki at least, is that Nina has not signed on to reprise her role as Elena just yet. However, the bad news is that if Dobrev doesn't come back and give the show a solid farewell storyline, fans will end up blaming Ian's wife because of it, the website adds.

Nina Dobrev is said to have been working on her acting career away from television, having tried landing several leading roles in blockbuster movies. Whether she can dedicate herself to return to The Vampire Diaries for another year has yet to be seen, but with Nikki's supposed frustration with Dobrev potentially returning, Nina may end up deciding not to come back at all.

Since the actress' decision to part ways from the show, The Vampire Diaries has drastically fallen as far as its ratings are concerned. Long gone are the days where TVD would pull in close to four million viewers per episode. On top of that, fans have complained about the chaotic and rather confusing storyline that ran throughout Season 7, wondering how some of the events that unfolded in the last series can even see the show make its return for an eighth run.

What do you make of Nina Dobrev possibly coming back to The Vampire Diaries?

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