‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Release Date: Prison Break 2016 Reboot Trailer Released At Comic-Con, Which Cast Members Are Returning?

Prison Break Season 5 isn’t due to be released until Spring 2017, however, 2016 has already seen plenty of footage for the new reboot, including most recently, a short trailer released at Comic-Con 2016. The producers of Prison Break are yet to confirm exactly when the series will return to our screens, with a release penned for early 2017. However, recent delays in production suggest the release date could be pushed back, making it a while yet before we’ll see the Prison Break gang return.

Details are slowly being released around the new season of Prison Break, including a new trailer released at Comic-Con 2016, according to Digital Spy. During the new trailer unveil, several Prison Break cast members took to the stage to answer fan questions.


With Prison Break Season 5’s release date still so far away, the cast wasn’t expected to give away too many details around the new season. However, during that question and answer session, Prison Break‘s cast was pretty forthcoming in providing details around the new season’s storyline. Michael was revealed to be again using tattoos during his latest prison break, with actor Wentworth Miller saying, “Michael will have a fresh set of tattoos… but they won’t work the same way they did the first time around.”

Furthermore, there’s been a good deal of concern around how Michael Scofield is alive following the events of Prison Break‘s final in 2009. That question was put to Sarah Wayne Callies, best known for her role as Sarah Tancredi in the series. Wayne Callies wittily snapped back by saying, “We’ve all been dead, sweetheart.” The show’s producers are believed to have put a very real framework in place that explains Michael’s return, with Fox confident that it resolves the issue of Michael’s death.

The newly released trailer itself appears to show Michael with a fellow inmate as they plot their escape. This time, Michael’s own freedom appears to be on the line, but that doesn’t mean his brother Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell, won’t be assisting in his escape from the outside.


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As aforementioned, a number of cast members from the original Prison Break series were onstage at Comic-Con 2016. A large majority of the show’s original main cast members have already been confirmed to be making a return for the miniseries, including Miller, Purcell and Callies, along with Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Rockmond Dumbar and Paul Adelstein reprising their roles as Fernando Sucre, T-Bag, C-Note and Paul Kellerman respectively.


However, according to Ecumenical News, there’s one key character who isn’t going to make an appearance in the new season. William Fichtner, known for his role as Alexander Mahone, isn’t believed to be making a return because of his conflicting schedule. However, that doesn’t mean that Prison Break and other characters in the show won’t make a nod to where Mahone is now, after he switched sides from the FBI to the escapees during Prison Break‘s final season back in 2009.

A release date for the new fifth season of Prison Break is expected to be announced later this year, with Fox currently penning the series for a release as part of its Spring 2017 schedule. Before that release, the network is likely to continue growing excitement around Prison Break with teaser trailers. The success of the upcoming Prison Break Season 5 could also determine whether or not the reboot continues beyond the currently planned single limited season.

[Image via Fox]