Grocery Store Karaoke Girl Goes Viral With Stunning Pipes [Video]

Talented individuals are often discovered in the unlikeliest of places. American Idol and countless other shows like it are based on that very theory, but as it turns out, you don’t need a golden ticket to get international attention and recognition. You just need the stones and the pipes to cut it at your local grocery store.

Just like that, a random girl stepped up to a karaoke machine in a local grocery store, and what followed is being called “one of the most impressive displays of raw talent you will ever see.”

Still, random grocery store karaoke girl, you are quickly catching fire and winning the much-coveted “hearts of the internet” as the top video on YouTube today with nearly 150,000 views already in your back pocket. The video boasts roughly 3,000 likes as of this posting (with approximately 70 trolls opposing) and your impromptu performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” is being covered by a variety of social news websites, including VideoSift, SmackJuice, and WhatsTrending.

So who are you, random grocery store karaoke girl? Where can we find you? Do you have an agent? All we know about you is in the description of the video on YouTube:

“This is one of the most impressive displays of raw talent you will ever see. A random South-East Asian girl steps up to a karaoke machine in a store in front of a grocery shop and sings Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You. She absolutely floors everyone! A must see!”

In any case, this girl showed some serious pipes at her local grocery store, and thankfully, someone got it on film. Random grocery store karaoke girl singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” can be seen below. Check it out and pass it around before it goes full-on viral!