WWE News: Brock Lesnar Not Getting Fined By UFC, WWE Status Unchanged

The last few months for Brock Lesnar provided two separate universes with a lot of excitement. In the WWE Universe, he finished up a great feud with Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32, in which he pinned the current WWE champion. Then, his next appearance in the WWE was announced for SummerSlam. He’s slated to fight Randy Orton at the “Biggest Party of the Summer.” On Sunday at WWE Battleground, Orton spoke with Chris Jericho to prepare for the big match.

Orton then proceeded to put over Lesnar. Jericho showed a video package the WWE editing team put together showing how much of a demonstrative force he has been since his return nearly five years ago. Near the end of the segment, Orton dropped a bombshell that included those two universes at the same time. He said he won’t have a problem competing.

“It only takes one RKO to get to Viperville… No enhancement needed,” Orton added.

Orton RAW [Image via WWE]Of course, Orton was referring to Brock Lesnar’s failure of the anti-drug policy in the UFC. It’s rumored that he was caught with the same drug Jon Jones was using. Jones, who was supposed to fight Daniel Cormier for the undisputed Light Heavyweight championship, was forced out of the bout just days before UFC 200. So, when Lesnar was reportedly using performing enhancing drugs, the WWE had a slight problem.

It was later clarified that Brock Lesnar’s WWE status would remain unchanged. He was still taken in the WWE Draft. Lesnar is on the Monday Night Raw brand and is not missing his SummerSlam match. His WWE status is unchanged. As for the UFC, MMAFighting.com and AllWrestlingNews.com is reporting Brock Lesnar will not receive a fine.

“As noted, Lesnar tested positive for hydroxy clomiphene, a drug that Jon Jones also tested positive for. The $2.5 million purse Lesnar made for his fight against Hunt will likely not be touched. UFC is leaving the fines up to the individual state athletic commissions. Lesnar is facing sanctions from the USADA and Nevada Athletic Commission.”

In a recent article by The Inquisitr, Brock Lesnar’s situation is broken down and explains the exact drug that he took. The prescribed drug, the article states, is given to women as a medication to aid in fertility. It was used by Lesnar and Jones to aid them in their training. Whether it was worth it or not, both men were caught by the USADA.

For Jones, it’s a bit more severe because the UFC is his livelihood. Lesnar’s scenario is a bit different. He returned to the UFC because he felt like he had to prove something. After his dominating run in the heavyweight division, diverticulitis slowed him down and took years off his career. It’s a shame that in his return, he was caught doping. WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross commented on Lesnar’s status and drug test failure.

“Obviously the big story of the weekend is the apparent drug test failure by Brock Lesnar for performance enhancing drugs prior to his UFC 200 winning effort against Mark Hunt. The details of this matter have yet to be released which makes it hard for one to determine what occurred and what will be the penalty be as will as administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) when they meet soon to discuss this matter.”

This was before the UFC announced he wasn’t getting fined, but Ross’ comments were right on the money. It was down to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Image via WWE [Image via WWE]They haven’t made up their minds just yet. The WWE’s decision is already final without there being any formal discussion. All the WWE proclaimed was that his return to WWE television was at SummerSlam. As of right now, they aren’t changing plans. If Orton’s comments were any indication as to how they’re taking it, it’s not very serious.

[Image via WWE]