Paget Brewster Returning To ‘Criminal Minds’, Emily Prentiss Is Back!

Emily Prentiss fans stand up and cheer. Paget Brewster is returning to Criminal Minds for Season 12. According to E! Online, her first appearance is on September 28, when the show returns to CBS this fall.

The reason for SSA Emily Prentiss’ return is of utter importance. She’s returning to her old job to help track down 13 escaped serial killers. Hopefully, she’ll excel at the task at hand. At this point, no one is exactly sure how many episodes Brewster is in the process of filming. The specific number may be announced at a later date.

Paget Brewster won’t be the only one to grace the halls of the BAU, along with the rest of the team. There’s a new agent in town. Adam Rodriguez, who you may recognize from Jane the Virgin and Magic Mike, is joining the Bureau. Executive producer Erica Messer put it like this.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a new special agent by adding the very talented Adam Rodriguez to our amazing cast. We have exciting shorelines planned for his character and the entire BAU team as we head into our 12th season.”

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Brewster made a guest appearance on Criminal Minds the week after Derek Morgan unexpectedly left the BAU. Although fans were excited about her return, many were still in shock over the absence of Shemar Moore.

The report went on to explain that Special Agent Emily Prentiss joined the team at the BAU during Season 2. She left Criminal Minds during Season 7. The story line indicated she wanted to work on international cases.

If you have a couple of minutes, watch the following video. Paget talks about joining the cast of Criminal Minds. It’s an enlightening blast from the past.

CNN recently reminded readers that Brewster was let go during Season 6. However, due to scores of unhappy viewers, she was rehired as quickly as the producers could get her back. Paget was also asked to make an appearance on Season 9’s 200th episode.

Many Paget Brewster fans are somewhat surprised to learn that her first TV role was on Friends. She played the role of Joey’s girlfriend. Before she even thought about being on television, Paget tried her luck at singing. She was a singer in the rock band Sleeping Pills, which was based in New York. In between, she hosted a late-night San Francisco talk show. The Paget Show aired for a total of 65 episodes.

In other Criminal Minds news, Kirsten Vangsness recently celebrated her birthday and made an appearance at Comic-Con 2016. She participated in a Q&A panel along with stars from other popular CBS shows. Unfortunately, Brewster did not join her. The general consensus is that the network has been keeping Emily’s surprise return a secret.

Vangsness has seemingly had no problem keeping herself busy during the Criminal Minds “between- seasons” hiatus. In a separate Inquisitr report, fans learned that spunky Penelope Garcia took time out to appear with real-life best friend Shemar Moore in the film noir comedy Kill Me Deadly. Fellow cast member Joe Mantegna also appeared with the pair.

If you’re a fan of the typical 1940s “whodunit,” Kill Me Deadly might be for you. It features gangsters, lounge singers, stolen diamonds, Vegas tycoons, and more. It almost sounds like a Criminal Minds episode, doesn’t it? Be sure to check it out, if you’re so inclined.

Are you looking forward to Paget Brewster’s return to Criminal Minds? Do you think her reappearance will make up for some of the emptiness Derek left behind? Please leave your comments about Paget Brewster and Criminal Minds below, his you wait anxiously for Season 12 to begin.

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