Jason Scott Lee’s Shaolin Boot Camp Documentary To Air Next Year

Actor Jason Scott Lee, who portrayed martial arts legend Bruce Lee in the 1993 biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, is preparing to unleash his Shaolin boot camp documentary in the United States early next year. According to Asian Movie Pulse, the actor’s genuine love and appreciation for the temple ultimately allowed Lee to lens his documentary on sacred ground.

“In my childhood, I was obsessed with Shaolin kung fu when I watched Hong Kong’s martial arts movies. I hoped someday I would visit the Shaolin Temple and often wondered what it would be like to be a warrior monk. Now I’ve fulfilled my dream,” Lee said of the experience. “If I say Shaolin kung fu, I think of fighting, medicine, practice and philosophy. What I’ve learned about Shaolin kung fu is about being mindful throughout the day.”

The film allows Lee to explore what it’s like to be a Shaolin Monk, and all this lifestyle entails. In addition to capturing sights previously unseen on camera, the documentary will explore the dedication necessary to become a student of Shaolin.

Shi Yongxin, the abbot of the temple, had nothing but praise for the actor. “Jason Scott Lee is very eager to learn. Shaolin kung fu is more culture, spirit and belief than just fighting and combat. I believe a true Shaolin will be demonstrated in the documentary,” he explained.

According to Chinese Film, the documentary will be presented in 3D, which means it will appear as though these kung fu masters in-training are performing spectacular feats before your very eyes. The co-production, which was funded in part by United States-based 3D TV network 3Net, is scheduled to air on the channel next year.

Los Angeles, California native Jason Scott Lee made his theatrical film debut with the comedy Born in East L.A. in 1987. Although the actor has been featured in a number of motion pictures over the years, he’s probably best known for his roles in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, the Kurt Russell actioner Soldier, and the live-action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.