Shaun White Arrested, Injured, After Drunken Rampage At Hotel

Olympic gold medalist Shaun White had a violent run-in with police this morning. The snowboarder allegedly went on a drunken rampage in his hotel room that ended with a head injury and an arrest.

TMZ reports that White trashed his hotel room in Nashville in a drunken stupor. The Olympic athlete was eventually confronted by hotel staff. White allegedly decided that the best way to avoid more trouble was by pulling the fire alarm and running down the hall.

Manolith reports that White fell during his drunken escape and split his head open. After the injury, the hotel called police and White was arrested for public intoxication and vandalism.

TMZ reports that White’s trip to jail was delayed because he needed medical treatment at the hospital. Details about the injury are not available at this time.

A rep for the star hasn’t commented on the arrest yet.

Shaun White has had his fair share of injuries but most of those have been the result of snowboarding and skateboarding tricks. This, as far as I know, is the first time he’s split his head open while drunkenly stumbling down a hotel hallway away from a room that he recently destroyed.