WWE News: Update On When New WWE Championships Will Be Going To WWE RAW and SmackDown Live

Going into WWE Battleground tonight, the biggest issue for most people is that a large number of championships are on WWE RAW, and they could take all the titles before the night if up if things go the way of the RAW brand. There are a variety of rumors going around talking up who will win a certain title from the WWE Championship to the Intercontinental and United States titles. However, a couple titles are luckily not on the line for RAW.

This means that regardless of the outcome of other matches at Battleground, the WWE Women’s and Tag Team Titles will stick with the red brand. Most feel that when WWE RAW took most of the gold that SmackDown lost a lot. The blue brand has the top title in the company currently, with the WWE Championship. However, the title could go to either Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins tonight, giving the red brand the top title and most of the other gold.

Due to all of these issues, most wanted to know when things would change. Ringside News reported that WWE was not expected to bring a new World Title into place until after WWE SummerSlam. However, an update to the report claims things may have shifted a bit. The report claims that WWE is expected to make an announcement regarding new titles going to each brand sometime in the next week or two.

Ryder IC Title [Image via WWE]The theory is that WWE did not want to talk about any new title coming in, outside of the Cruiserweight Division, until after WWE Battleground. Due to a couple titles being on the line tonight, it makes sense to think that they wouldn’t want to talk about new titles. They have yet to see the current ones retained or won, so at this point they would be dumb to talk about new titles.

This is encouraging news for at least SmackDown. With the knowledge that they have several good tag team performers and the fact that they have a number of female performers both new and vet, they would need to have titles ready for the tag teams and ladies to go after.

There is an interesting sign that the new titles could come in as soon as WWE SummerSlam. On an advertisement from Etix.com for a live event on August 29 at the Four States Fair Entertainment Center, WWE Live happens to be advertising the WWE Women’s Champion being in action. It is not Charlotte or Sasha Banks, but rather Becky Lynch, whom they claim to be the champion. WWE claims Charlotte and Sasha will be there on WWE, but this is set to be a SmackDown show. Due to the fact that RAW currently has the Women’s Title and Lynch happens to be a SmackDown worker, it doesn’t make sense for the title to be with Lynch unless she randomly wins it from Charlotte, or SmackDown introduces one.

WWE Live Texarkana [Image via Wrestling News Hub/Facebook]With Banks and Charlotte not even facing off for the title yet, this is kind of interesting to see. In checking today across areas to get the tickets, things changed up a bit. So was it a spoiler or a mistake? I guess we’ll have to find out. It is unknown what will happen with the others at this point, but we could see something interesting coming about in the coming weeks.

Some believe that SmackDown will remain the new Superstar show, which is more than cool for the blue brand with all the amazing workers WWE has brought in the last few years. Meanwhile RAW will remain the top star show where the flagship will house most of the best talent the company has to offer. This makes total sense. However, with all the big names being brought in like Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe among others, SmackDown may end up being even with RAW before too long.

At the end of the day, it appears that WWE will be bringing in new titles to help both brands out before too long. Most assumed this and the assumption seems to be going well for the fans now. It is simply a waiting game regarding when and where WWE will plan to introduce them.

[Image via WWE]