K-Pop Boy Group ASTRO Involved In A Minor Auto Accident, But Thankfully Everyone Is A-Okay

Those who know just how hard idols in the K-pop industry work usually have a strong respect for what they go through. Unlike musicians in more well-known music industries, such as the American music industry, for example, K-pop idols are constantly promoting and participating in events, be they either fan signings or meet and greets, radio shows, variety shows, practices, and much more. Even during their "down time" per se, K-pop idols are still promoting. As a result, they are often traveling a lot specifically on the road, often at odd hours, too, which means K-pop idols seem to be prone to more automotive accidents.

Most of the time, said accidents are minor. For example last year, Girls' Generation ended up in a minor accident while heading to CJ E&M Studios to perform on M! Countdown. In that incident, nobody was hurt, thankfully. Unfortunately, not all K-pop idol groups are as lucky. The year 2014 was a horrendous year for automotive accidents. That year, Seungri of Big Bang was in a massive accident that left him hospitalized. Earlier that year, Ladies' Code was also in a massive accident, one that cost the lives of Ladies' Code members EunB and RiSe.

Now, another K-pop group was involved in an accident recently. According to reports, rookie K-pop boy group Astro was in a minor collision. Fortunately, all the members are a-okay.

Astro, a five member group made under Fantagio, consists of MJ, Jin Jin, Eunwoo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Sanha. [Image via Astro's Official Facebook]
Astro, a five member group made under Fantagio, consists of MJ, Jin Jin, Eunwoo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Sanha. [Image via Astro/Facebook]The minor accident happened at a street without a stoplight in which the other other automobile was at fault, as reported by Korean news outlet Naver Osen. Apparently, the collision was a minor one as detailed by Fantagio in a statement they provided on the matter, as reported by AllKpop.
"It was not a big accident. However, the members were sleeping in the car after their schedules, so they were surprised. There was no injury, and they'll be able to go to all their planned schedules.

"They have no injuries now, but if there's any problems in the future, they will be taken to a hospital for a checkup right away."

The news of Astro's minor automobile accident may have gone "under the radar" of the majority of K-pop fans because of two reasons. First, Astro is fairly new, and second, they are signed on to a smaller entertainment agency. Astro was first formed under Fantagio back in 2015, but recently made their debut this year. They are quickly building their following thanks to social media, but primarily their official YouTube page. Besides music videos for their songs "Cat Eye," "Hide & Seek," and their current Summer hit song "Breathless," (music video shown above) Astro constantly uploads videos of their daily life ranging from playing around, eating out, and the shenanigans they pull off during their promotions and travels. Astro also uploads numerous dance practice videos, something that has generally become popular among the K-pop community in recent years.

Astro, Fantagio, K-pop
Astro, wearing a matching color scheme, takes a picture for their fans. [Image via Astro/Facebook]As for Fantagio, they are primarily known for K-movies and managing the careers and professional affairs of over 50 actors and actresses. Some noteworthy K-drama Hallyu stars signed under them include Kim Sae Ron (A Brand New Life, Can You Hear My Heart), Lee So Yeon (Temptation of an Angel, Dong Yi), and Kim Sung Kyun (The Neighbor, Reply 1994). Still, Fantagio does have some well-known K-pop acts under them. Through a joint effort with Pledis Entertainment, they have Hello Venus. Also, Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon are former Produce 101 contestants who are now a part of I.O.I.

Right now, Astro are in the midst of their Summer promotions for their second extended play, a mini-album titled Summer Vibes. The EP features their current hit song which was mentioned earlier, "Breathless."

[Image via Astro/Facebook]