Donald Trump, Vladimr Putin Alliance In Place, Is The Republican Secretly Collaborating With Russian Dictator?

Vladimir Putin has already praised Donald Trump during his campaign trail over the past months. It appears that the two political figures are amicable with each other. However, there are reports that imply these two might have a deeper connection than what everyone thinks.

According to Blue Nation Review, after it was revealed that the DNC emails were leaked via a Russian hack, many suspect that this move has been done in favor of Donald Trump.

Because of this connection, many are concerned if the Russians really have a connection to Donald Trump’s campaign.

“I completely rule out a possibility that the [Russian] government or the government bodies have been involved in this,” Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman, told the Reuters news agency in Moscow.

Vladimir Putin Alliance
Vladimir Putin speaks during the award ceremony of the 2016 IIHF World Championship [Photo by Anna Sergeeva/Getty Images]
Though the DNC denies any financial or personal information leak during the hack, they are still suggesting that it is a traditional espionage case.

Since the U.S. and Russia have a longstanding battle ground when it comes to policies and international affairs, espionage has existed for decades. Even CrowdStrike President Shawn Henry noted that it is only fair to have spies because “it’s the job of every foreign intelligence service to collect intelligence against their adversaries.”

If this is the case, it is much more alarming if Donald Trump truly has an alliance with Putin’s government.

Timeliness of The Russian Hack and More

Aside from the throws of good praises here and there, Donald Trump did not really specify that he is going to be willing to collaborate with Russia until last week.

Ivanka Trump’s father announced last July 21 that he has a different sentiment about NATO allies.

In his “ignorant” interview with the New York Times, Donald Trump said that he is willing to dismiss United States’ NATO alliance and increase the ever present danger of a nuclear proliferation.

If we cannot be properly reimbursed for the tremendous cost of our military protecting other countries … then yes, I would be absolutely prepared to tell those countries, ‘congratulations, you will be defending yourself.

Donald Trump even tried to do the math and said that the United States is not benefitting in anyway whenever the country is sending out army troops to help these alliances. New York Times reported rebutted and said that it is the cost of peace, but Trump did not agree.

Donald Trump sees the U.S. military force as gun-for-hires and that whenever someone else needs them, the country should be reimbursed for every single penny that has been put out.

In terms of finances, it was also revealed that Trump has “a deep financial dependence on Russian money from persons close to Putin,” according to Josh Marshall.

There is also something between a non-trivial and a substantial amount of evidence suggesting Putin-backed financial support for Trump or a non-tacit alliance between the two men.

Over multiple investigations, it was found out that Donald Trump has had numerous connections with the Russian government. Aside from that, Donald Trump’s circle includes key people who have worked in a pro-Putin environment before.

This does not mean Trump is controlled by or in the pay of Russia or Putin. It can just as easily be explained by having many of his top advisors having spent years working in Putin’s orbit and being aligned with his thinking and agenda. But it is certainly no coincidence.

Marshall added that if all of these are going to be brought to light, people would be terrified on how dangerous it is that Donald Trump has connections with Putin.

Considering that Russia is one of the most hostile territories that is against the United States, security is one of Donald Trump’s biggest issues if he will succumb to Putin and the Russian government.

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