WWE: Understanding WWE’s Drug Policy, What Drugs Are Banned? Do All Drug Violations Cause Suspension?

With Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar making news about failing drug tests, questions are arising as to what other drugs are included in WWE’s vast drug policy, what the punishments are, how a WWE superstar can remove past violations, and if all drugs are considered to be suspendable offenses. Even though Brock failed a drug test for the UFC, he is also attached to the WWE which is why he was included above.

Drugs That Will Cause Suspension

Anabolic Steroids – Examples include androstenediol, methyltestosterone, and testosterone.

Peptide Hormones – Examples include HGH, HCH, and IGF-1.

Stimulants – Examples include Adderall and Ecstacy.

Pseudoephedrine – Examples include Sudafed, Theraflu, and Tylenol Cold and Flu.

Narcotic Pain Medication – Examples include Percocet, Vicodin, and Morphine.

Benzodiazepines – Examples include Phenobarbital, Versed, and Klonopin.

Diuretics – Examples include Lasix, HCTZ, and Ethacrynic acid.

Muscle Relaxers – Examples include Tramadol, Soma, and Meprospan.

Sleep Medication – Examples include Ambien.

Anti-Estrogens – Examples include Clomiphene, Tamoxifen, and Formestane.

Illegal Drugs – Examples include Heroine, Cocaine, and LSD. (Marijuana is not included in this.)

Herbal/Dietary Supplements – Examples include Hydroxycut.

Synthetic Drugs – Examples include Bath Salts, Spice, and MDPV.

Masking Agents – Examples include probenecid and epitestosterone.

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Many of the substances included on the above list have medicinal purposes. If a WWE superstar has a valid prescription, the substances are deemed to be ok to be in the wrestler’s body as long as they provide the prescription within 72 hours of a test failure.

Any WWE superstar who is found to have any of the above drugs in their system without a valid prescription will be suspended for 30-days without pay for the first violation. The wrestler will also have pay deducted from whatever downside guarantee that was negotiated in their contract. The wrestler will also have their name and suspension released to the public. A second failed drug test will cause the WWE superstar to be suspended for 60-days along with everything else included in the 30-day violation. A third violation will cause the wrestler to be fired from the WWE.

The WWE redemption clause allows any WWE wrestler to have a failed drug test removed from their record. In order to qualify for this to happen, the wrestler needs to have an 18-month period of clean drug tests. Also, the medical director of WWE must also sign off on the fact that they believe the wrestler no longer has a problem with the substance they tested positive for. If both of these stipulations are met, one of the failed tests can be removed as if it never happened.

Alcohol and marijuana are treated differently. Obviously, alcohol is allowed to be consumed by the wrestlers when they are not working. What is not allowed is for them to consume alcohol within 12 hours of performing or go into a match while intoxicated. If this occurs, the wrestler will not be suspended but will be fined $2, 500. Marijuana is treated in a similar way. If a wrestler is found to have marijuana in their system then they will not be suspended but will only be fined $2,500.

WWE wrestlers are drug tested a minimum of four times per year. Unless there is suspicion, the drug testing is done at random. When a wrestler is notified that they have been selected to take their random drug test, they have two hours to comply. Refusal to take the test will count as a failure and the appropriate punishment will be handed out. If a wrestler fails a drug test and believes it is an error, the superstar can request a second drug test be carried out within 72 hours of the initial failure.

The WWE takes their drug policy seriously. With the most recent suspension of one of their top wrestlers, Roman Reigns, and past suspensions of other main event wrestlers, it is obvious that the WWE wants to make sure that they are working hard to remove the drug stigma that has been attached to pro wrestling.

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