iPhone 7 Release Date Pegged By Prominent Apple Reporter

The iPhone 7 may be released sooner than we thought as new reports indicate it will not only be unveiled in early September, but will also be put into people’s hands in that timeframe. The reports stem from comments made on Twitter by VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass.


CNBC refers to Blass as “a prominent Apple watcher with an accurate track record of predicting the tech giant’s releases.”

Jeff Benjamin at Apple news site 9to5Mac notes, “Blass has been a very credible source of leaks in the past, but he doesn’t own a perfect track record when it comes to iPhone-related subject matter. For example, he claimed that Apple was planning on releasing an iPhone 6c at the same time as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Instead, we saw the release of the iPhone SE the following March. That said, when a person with Blass’ history speaks, it makes sense to listen.”

Blass also tweeted earlier that there will only be two new iPhone models this year when Apple makes its announcement. This is in contrast to rumors that there would be three – the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone 7 Pro. Presumably the Pro would be the one not being released.

Rumors that Apple may offer the three models have been around for a while. TechnoBuffalo recently reported on a leak out of China that gave purported details on them:

The iPhone 7 will allegedly start at 5288 yuan (roughly $795) for the 32GB version. If you want 128GB you’ll have to pay 6088 yuan ($915) and the 256GB model could cost 7088 yuan ($1066). The iPhone 7 Plus reportedly starts at 6088 yuan ($915) with 32GB, 6888 yuan ($1036) for 128GB, and 7888 yuan ($1186) for 256GB. Finally, the iPhone 7 Pro might cost at least 7088 yuan ($1066) with 32GB of storage, 7888 yuan ($1186) for 128GB of storage, and 8888 yuan ($1337) for 256GB.

This info already came with a big grain of salt attached to it, but in light of Blass’ comments, perhaps you should take a few extra grains just be safe.

Last week, iPhone 7 leak enthusiasts got to check out a new video from a Weibo poster showing the alleged casing of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 model, comparing it with the iPhone 6S. It shows features that we’ve been hearing about from various rumors, including the much talked about larger camera and lack of a headphone jack. The video also showed off new antenna lines.

As Inquisitr reported earlier this month, the iPhone 7 was said to have entered mass production with last-minute changes continuing to be made. The Inquisitr also reported on rumors stemming from sources cited by various publications that Apple will be offering the device in Space Black, which the company has offered for iPhone in the past, but not since the iPhone 5 in 2012.

There have also been rumors that the Home button will include haptic feedback and according to Forbes, that neither the iPhone 7 nor the iPhone 7 Plus will come with a 64GB storage option.

Back in June, Apple showed off iOS 10, which now has a public beta available. This has gotten some mixed reviews so far. The OS includes updates to the Messages, Photos, Music, and News apps, and features a new Home app.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, said that “iOS 10 adds Siri intelligence into QuickType and Photos, automates your home with the new Home app and opens up Siri, Maps, Phone and Messages to developers — while increasing security and privacy with powerful technologies like Differential Privacy.”

The operating features a “Raise to Wake” feature, which automatically wakes the screen as the iPhone is raised, and makes it easier to view notifications from the Lock screen. Users can swipe or press to access the Control Center, Notifications, and the Today view. iOS 10 also includes deeper 3D Touch integration.

If Blass is correct about the iPhone 7 release date, you’ll be able to try all of this stuff out very soon on your new iOS device without having to do so through the beta or on an older model.

[Photo by VCG/Getty Images]