Apple Sold Two Million iPhone 5s In Just 24 Hours

Apple announced on Monday that the pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 topped two million in just 24 hours — more than twice the number the company received for the iPhone 4S.

Because of the exceedingly large amount of pre-orders, some customers will not receive their phones until October, although most of them will be delivered on Friday, reports USA Today.

Apple’s website shows that iPhone 5s that are purchased on Monday will ship in two to three weeks, while analysts are predicting that phones available at retail locations at 8 am on Friday will likely be sold out by Sunday.

Apple campers have already shown up outside of major Apple stores, like the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan, in anticipation of being the first to own the new iPhone 5.

Apple’s Natalie Kerris has said that the company is “blown away” by the response from consumers over their new smartphone, but Apple fan Jessica Mellow, who has been camping out for the new iPhone 5 since Thursday, stated of her decision to camp that:

“If we just wanted the phone we could have ordered it online. It’s more about camping out. It’s a cool experience. Meeting new people. That’s the best part.”

Richard Doherty, who is an independent tech analyst at Envisioneering Group, stated that the almost immediate sellout for the device’s pre-order makes for what he calls an “awkward” launch for the new phone. Doherty stated:

“Apple expected the pre-orders to be a one-day cycle, and they were shocked that it was just one hour. They clearly were caught by surprise by the size of the orders. [Had they continued fulfilling online orders] they might have only had two phones available at stores on Friday.”

The Washington Post notes that AT&T also announced that the iPhone 5 has been its “most successful phone launch ever.” Customers have purchased more iPhone 5s than any previous model, both on the first day of pre-orders, as well as over the weekend.