Perez Hilton launches CocoPerez, can it work though?

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has decided that one big blog isn’t enough with the launch of CocoPerez, a new fashioned focused blog.

CocoPerez offers a tamer version of, with little (or no) drawings on images, and some A-list advertisers including launch sponsor Gap.

As some sites have rightly put the launch, CocoPerez is an attempt at legitimacy for Hilton, who although having one of the most popular celebrity sites on the planet, is best known for his snarky side and ripping celebrities to shreds.

CocoPerez does start with a huge advantage: massive leverage from, which on a good day does more traffic than most top tech sites do in a month. But leverage isn’t everything, and far cleverer people have launched new sites to see them fail after 12 months as well. We’ll soon see either way.