‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New HOH, HOH Nominations, And A Secret Room In ‘BB18’ House [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers are flowing from the live feeds again. These latest Big Brother 18 spoilers come from late Friday evening (July 22), following the West Coast viewing of the Battle Back competition. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was Victor Arroyo who won the opportunity to re-enter the BB18 house. He is now on an even playing field with the rest of the houseguests and has another shot at winning the $500,000.

The CBS live feeds had been down for more than 24 hours, with the intent being that producers could keep the Battle Back results a secret. It also meant that the BB18 house could play out the Head of Household competition and make the nominations for eviction prior to the next episode of the show. By turning off the feeds, it kept die-hard fans from seeing Victor Arroyo compete for the HOH, as that would have removed the need for many viewers to tune in to the special Friday night episode. It also gave host Julie Chen a chance to reveal that there is now a secret room in the game.

Back to the new Big Brother 18 spoilers that have come out from the live feeds, the house does indeed have a new Head of Household. A report from Joker’s Updates states that James Huling has won the HOH. This is the first time that James has been HOH this summer, but it was the perfect time for him to get protection from eviction. He has been on the opposite side of the BB18 house from Victor Arroyo, so this could have been a week where he wound up on the block if he wasn’t careful. It also likely guarantees that Natalie Negrotti is safe as well.

As for the other main Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed after the live feeds kicked back on, James Huling has indeed named her two nominees for eviction. Following a five-hour endurance competition, James nominated Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning for eviction. It’s not that surprising that James went with the easy targets, but it does sound like it was an epic competition that will be shown on the July 24 episode of the show. The live feeds from Friday night already show Frank embroiled in drama as he tries to save himself from eviction.

The two nominees will have a chance to save themselves during the Veto competition, which will have three random houseguests joining them and the Head of Household to compete for the power. That competition typically takes place on Saturdays, meaning there won’t be a long wait until fans figure out who has the power to change the nominations this week. It’s also possible that the Veto could be used as part of a plan to backdoor one of the targets that James Huling and his alliance members have left in the BB18 house.

The next episode of the show will air on Sunday, July 24, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. This is where the latest HOH competition will play out for the television audience. It is also when the new HOH nominations will be revealed, setting everything up for the Veto competition and Veto ceremony to be shown on the Wednesday, July 27, episode of the show. That gives a lot of time for additional Big Brother 18 spoilers to come out this weekend, especially as the BB18 house settles into players as individuals.

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