Ben Folds Five Teams Up With ‘Fraggle Rock’ For ‘Do It Anyway’ Video

In an effort to generate some interest in the band’s upcoming album The Sound of the Life of the Mind, three piece rockers Ben Folds Five have teamed up with the adorable cast of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock. The music video for “Do It Anyway” showcases the band rocking out with characters from the beloved 80s puppet program. For those of us who grew up watching the show, the clip is beyond entertaining.

According to Wikipedia, Ben Folds Five’s The Sound of the Life of the Mind is scheduled for release on September 18. The album will mark the band’s first release since 1999’s The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.

Although singer Ben Folds said the band wrote quite a bit of material for their new album, fans shouldn’t expect anything else from the outfit until 2015. “We touched on maybe 40 ideas that I feel were solid,” Folds explained to Billboard. “We had these snippets of songs and they just sounded so neat. Some of them made the album, and then we moved on to other things. I think most of the stuff we were really excited about at first didn’t make the cut at the end; for some reason other stuff overtook it. But (those songs) are going to happen at some point.”

Folds, who parted ways with bassist Robert Sledge and drummer Darren Jesse in 2000, had originally intended to record only three songs with his former band mates for an upcoming “greatest hits” collection. However, once the trio started working on songs, they decided to keep the ball rolling.

“It was really easy, and really inspiring. We were cautious about it; we didn’t just jump in and say, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna do it for years.’ But it felt really good, and really right,” Folds said of the reunion.

Ben Folds Five’s The Sound of the Life of the Mind will be available for purchase on Tuesday, September 18. The band’s music video for “Do It Anyway”, which includes appearances from several Fraggle Rock characters, has been embedded below.