'Aquaman' Movie Getting A New Script As All Original Plans Have Been Tossed Out

After some negative reaction and reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, both Warner Bros. and DC Comics have decided to make some changes. Ben Affleck signed on as executive producer of Justice League. Affleck and DC Films head Geoff Johns will have complete creative control over the solo Batman film. Now, the Aquaman film is getting a brand new script, as all original plans for Jason Momoa's superhero are being tossed out.

Geoff Johns himself is stepping away from comic books and putting a lot of ideas down on paper for DC Films.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Will Beall has been rehired to write the script for the Aquaman film. He won't just write something based off of a few ideas, his comic books, and the plot he was told to base things on.

Beall is going to write a script based on a detailed treatment from director James Wan and Geoff Johns. This should put the minds of fans at ease as they know that the ideas for the film are coming from brilliant minds and those that truly know the character.

Again, Jason Momoa is staying on in the lead role as ideas have been tossed out, but not everything associated with Aquaman. It is also still set to hit theaters on July 27, 2018.

Warner Bros. had hired a number of writers to pen the script for Aquaman, but it was actually a plan of developing multiple scripts at one time. Beall was one of them, and so was Kurt Johnstad, who has also worked on the Justice League film with director/writer Zack Snyder.

Upon James Wan being attached to direct late last year, David Leslie Johnson also came on as another script-writer for Aquaman. This is no big surprise after Johnson worked with Wan by writing the script for The Conjuring 2.

At that point, Beall moved on to work on other projects while other writers kept penning Aquaman. Unfortunately, none of those ideas were received very well, and it led to Wan and Johns wanting the story to be perfect, so all of those script ideas have been thrown out.

That has led to Will Beall returning as the solo writer for Aquaman as he works directly with Wan and Johns.

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[Image via Warner Bros./DCEU]

Along with Jason Momoa, there really isn't much else set in stone for the film as far as casting goes. Willem Dafoe has been cast as Aquaman's advisor, Vulko, while Amber Heard is going to play the role of Mera, Aquaman's love interest.

Many feel this has little do with the multiple writers and almost everything to do with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film was expected to break numerous box office records, yet it failed to reach the billion-dollar mark worldwide. This has led DCEU to change things up a bit and make corrections where they feel that film may have failed.

Meanwhile, the recently released Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is receiving high praise for its more intense tone and additional footage.

Aquaman has had a number of problems and a lot of unknowns have come about since it all began. Now, the new script and Geoff Johns' ideas being put to paper are going to help things considerably. Jason Momoa is staying in the role and will do so throughout the DCEU in Justice League and other films, but Warner Bros. isn't playing around anymore and is going to do this right.

[Image via Warner Bros./DC Comics]