Time To Time Warp! New ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Trailer Shows Tim Curry In Cameo

“It’s just a jump to the left,” Tim Curry, this time playing the Criminologist, says in 2016’s Rocky Horror Picture Show.

With that, in the trailer at least, the cast of the new Rocky Horror Picture Show leaps into the “Time Warp,” and anticipation is high for the upcoming October release of the flick, this time to hit small screens.

Starring Orange is the New Black‘s Laverne Cox in the role that put Curry on the map, teen heartthrob Ryan McCartan as Brad Majors, and Victoria Justice as Janet Weiss, this is a version of Rocky Horror Picture Show that is as campy a spectacle as the original 1975 version. The Hollywood Reporter notes that this Rocky Horror Picture Show has Tim Curry’s blessing; director Kenny Ortega said that Curry called up and asked to be a part of the 2016 version.

Executive producer Lou Adler, who worked on the original version of Rocky Horror Picture Show 40 years ago and produces the 2016 version of the show, said that Curry was incredibly supportive.

“He said, ‘You betcha,'” Adler said. “He liked everything about it.”

The cast of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show hit Today to talk about their experiences in filming the flop that ultimately became a cult classic.

When the cast was asked to play Word Association and the host came up with Rocky Horror Picture Show, cast members — including Barry Bostwick, who originated the part of Brad Majors — agreed that Tim Curry was the name they most associated with the film.

Indeed, while 2016’s Rocky Horror Picture Show is not set to hit small screens until October 20, it’s safe to say that fans are the focus of the film. In fact, the new version of the cult classic features the movie being played before fans as it opens, according to Daily Mail, who noted that even the trailer paid homage to the fans.

“After 40 years, the best part of Rocky is still the fans,” the trailer says, while cautioning the viewers to “hold onto their fishnets.”

During the unveiling at San Diego Comic Con, the loudest cheers for the 2016 Rocky Horror Picture Show were for Laverne Cox, who capably takes the reins of scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Cheers also went up when the original Frank-N-Further, Curry, appeared on screen.

Adler said that he considered television as a good medium for this presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show simply because “there’s a lot of Brad and Janets out there, as we’ve seen in the past week, who don’t go to midnight theater,” according to Deadline.

Adler also suggested that presenting the show on the small screen might be a way to effectively capture the younger demographic and offer them some commentary on the issues plaguing America currently.

“If we could bring it to them, they could know what they need to know,” he said.

While some might scoff about Rocky Horror Picture Show being a film that’s more about social commentary than it is about audience involvement in a story, there’s no sneering at the performances involved in this version of the film. Victoria Justice admitted that her Nickolodeon days might very well be behind her, in large part due to the sometimes “uncomfortable” positions the cast found themselves in, and Laverne Cox was “wild and untamed” as Frank-N-Furter, according to her castmates.

“I think people are gonna be so surprised by what she vocally did with the character,” Justice said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “She’s the definition of fierce.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show creator Richard O’Brien said in a statement that he was thrilled that audiences continued to enjoy the show as much as he still did.

“I wrote something I thought I might like to go see and it’s now lived successfully for more than 40 years in theaters around the world,” he said in a statement, according to Rolling Stone. “Jumping on stage to bring the original show back to life has been an amazing experience. I hope audiences continue to have as much fun with it as I am.”

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