'Ice Age: Collision Course' Sees A Wedding And Scrat The Squirrel Head To Outer Space

Ice Age: Collision Course, the upcoming movie in the Ice Age franchise, promises cosmic action to eager audiences who will see the mammoth gang trying to stop an asteroid that is poised to destroy the earth.

The popular Ice Age franchise is composed of a group of prehistoric animals who are striving to resolve personal conflicts in the midst of their struggle to survive Earth's drastic changes. In every movie, the group is shown to either be on the move to achieve a particular objective or striving to escape from the harmful climate changes that threaten their existence.

Additionally, it is the entertainment provided by the squirrel Scrat and his precious acorns that has enabled the movies to do so well at the box office. The character Scrat has previously invited trouble by causing a continental drift and by making a city sink under water, but he has also been depicted as the one who solved the great flood problem in one of the installments. According to Entertainment Weekly, the fifth installment of the franchise will have all the elements that form the core of the animated film: slippery mischief, prehistoric family values, and even a wedding between two wooly teen beasts.

In a strange twist, it turns out that it was a scene from the first movie in the series that inspired the creators to plan the plot for the upcoming movie. In the latest movie, Scrat travels to outer space after finding a spaceship, only to provoke an asteroid that sets out on a collision course with earth.

Screen Anarchy reports that the fifth installment differs from the previous movies in the Ice Age series by making the most of the secondary characters that featured in previous movies.

The audience will see flying dinosaurs and the insane weasel that featured in the third Ice Age movie, all struggling to cope with the possibility of extinction. The flying dinosaurs will be replacing the pirate ape as the villains in the fifth installment of Ice Age.

As in previous Ice Age films, Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, and Queen Latifah have lent their voices to the usual characters in the series, and this fifth Ice Age film will see Nick Offerman, Stephanie Beatriz, and Max Greenfield voicing the dinosaurs that are planning to escape as the world is on the threshold of demolition.

The movie also shows the budding romance between Sid the ground sloth and Brooke, who is voiced by pop singer Jesse J. According to USA Today, Mike Thurmeier, the director of the movie, spoke about how the romance between the two ground sloths adds amusement to the movie.
"It was really funny to see the early sketches of Sid and this beautiful sloth together having a romantic courtship."
Ice Age also explores the relationship between Manny the mammoth and his future son-in-law Julian. While Manny remains of the opinion that no one could make a perfect match for his daughter, the fun and adventurous Julian and Peaches are shown to make a good pair. Thurmeire made sure that Julian is shown to be less antagonistic towards Manny this time around.

According to Screen Anarchy, the cycle of Ice Age is nearing its end as all of the formerly lonely males have found love.

And it will be only a matter of time before they decide to procreate, as Sid has found his girlfriend, and the very irrelevant Diego carries the sole aim of having a cub with his girlfriend. However, as long as the film does well at the box office, new sequels can be expected, and the herd will be seen tackling new problems and new villains in the Ice Age series.

It stands to wonder whether there will ever be a final installment in the Ice Age series that will see a giant asteroid cause their extinction.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]