Miley Cyrus Loves You More Than You Love Her, Throws A Twitter Pity Party

Miley Cyrus wants everyone to know that she loves them more than they love her. The actress on September 13 took to Twitter to basically throw a pity party to her nearly 9 million followers.

Miley tweeted on her Twitter account:

“Ever feel like you want just . . . something more? Not sure what exactly. Passion perhaps?”

Miley then went a bit further:

“Sometimes I feel like I love everyone more than they love me. Hate that feeling.”

To which she finally concluded:

“Maybe it’s not that they love you less. They just love you the most they are capable of loving.”

For Miley fans who are curious, she later claimed that the tweets had nothing to do with fiance Liam Hemsworth and were “just thoughts” she threw together on the spot.

So, basically, Miley was “thinking” outloud in a negative way that probably depressed any of her seven million Twitter followers who were not already depressed.

Miley Cyrus never said exactly why she was “thinking” the way she was; perhaps it was the fact that people don’t talk about her as much as they did during her Hannah Montana and Disney record album days.

Miley continues to tell reporters and anyone else who asks that she is very happy with Liam Helmsworth and that they are in no rush to tie the knot. Miley also says they will “spend the rest of our lives” together.