‘Last Ounce Of Courage’ Trailer Is For Actual Movie, One That Actually Opened And Was 15 In This Week’s Box-Office

The trailer for Last Ounce Of Courage, below, is terrifying enough on its own as a production in which that many people managed to jettison reality to participate, but scarier still being the fact that unlike the other political film controversy earlier this week, there actually appears to be a whole entire film behind it.

Last Ounce Of Courage is the story of a non-existent struggle in a possibly-future America where religion isn’t expressly outlawed, but frowned upon by people who don’t want to get sued for … something not quite discernable relating to the fact that many Christians live in America.

Religious freedom has somewhat inexplicably emerged as an issue nowadays in the US, despite the fact most religions and Christians in particular are permitted to practice their faith freely so long as it does not impinge on the rights of others. And though no actual threat has ever been imposed on Christians, the majority faith of the US, many still seem to believe their religion is under attack due to the fact they are unable to impose it on everyone around them.

But like Clint Eastwood angrily ranting at an empty chair and an invisible chair, Last Ounce Of Courage goes on to presuppose a whole lot of imaginary hostility, and work up the “courage” to stand up for white, Christian males in current American society.

The film centers on the hamfistedly-named Bob Revere (pause for groan), a Vietnam vet who rides a big Harley flying an even bigger American flag. When his son goes of to Afghanistan and dies and leaves behind a pregnant widow, Revere gets pissed, and decides that separation of church and state is to blame, despite the fact it was basically the founding tenet of this country.

When Revere’s 14-year-old grandson (it is unclear when the storyline is set since obviously the math doesn’t work out here, and this is the kid who had yet to be born when his dad died at war) gets in trouble at school for having a Bible in his locker, the battle is underway. Despite the fact no one has, in the history of ever gotten in trouble for Bible possession, it kicks off the plot that has Revere fighting against a big, cigar-chomping black guy who seeks to make Christmas and God illegal, or something.

We can’t really tell. You watch the trailer, and comment — any idea what Last Ounce Of Courage is supposed to be about, anyway?