‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Ben Higgins Is Officially Running For Political Office

It turns out that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell did really find love on The Bachelor. Now Ben is doing great, and word is out that he officially running for a political office. This is something that Ben Higgins has been saying he wanted to do for a while, but it is just now official. Business Insider shared the details that Ben has been talking about running for a political office, and now it is official. The word is out that Ben is running as a Republican in a Denver state House district that is overwhelmingly Democratic. This is something totally different for him.

Ben Higgins has admitted that he isn’t a politician, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a lot to offer the voters. Ben will have to prove himself to everyone to win this one. He is up against Democratic Rep. Dan Pabon, the second-ranking member of the House. Pabon was recently sentenced to one-year probation after pleading guilty to drunken driving in March, so this could help Ben Higgins out. He is ready to try his best to win this office.

At the end of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins picked Lauren Bushnell. The two are living in Denver together and planning their wedding. Things seem to be going great for the couple, and they even have their own new reality show coming. Lauren & Ben: Happily Ever After will start airing on Freeform. This show will be all about how Ben and Lauren are doing now, plus their big wedding planning. This is the first couple from The Bachelor to get a spin-off show like this, but more could come if this show does well. Hopefully, some of Ben Higgins political stuff will end up showing on this new show.

Now, JoJo Fletcher is trying to find love on the show herself. It turns out that ET just got the chance to talk to her about Ben Higgins and how things are for her about him. Even though Ben left her broken hearted, JoJo doesn’t have bad feelings towards him. JoJo is actually really excited about their new show and plans to watch. She shared saying, “That’s so exciting! I just talked to Lauren the other day and I am just excited for them. I’m just excited to watch it and see how it plays out.”

Ben Higgins actually already has a website set up for his political journey. His site is called Ben Higgins for Colorado, and is a great site considering he is just revealing his plans. There is a form you can fill out to keep up with Ben’s political journey and get updates on what he is up to now. So far, this is all you can do, but Ben should be adding more to the site soon.

JoJo Fletcher also shared about how hard things have been on her this season. She said, “To be honest, I am a trainwreck! You know what is funny too — when people are like, ‘I don’t see any tears,’ and I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ You can thank my makeup artist then, because she did a real good job touching it up!” It looks like the next two weeks of the show are going to end up being really emotional for JoJo and hard on her.

Are you shocked to hear that Ben Higgins is now running for political office? Do you think that he stands a chance of winning? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Ben and Lauren in their new show, Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, on Freeform.

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