‘Hitman’ Elusive Target Number Seven Is Gary Busey, Result Of Campaign

The next Hitman Elusive Target will have gamers taking a shot at one of Hollywood’s biggest co-stars from the 80s. Gary Busey was chosen in a campaign over Gary Cole in a unique twist where gamers were given a choice about which actor they wanted to kill more.

Don’t worry if you’re a fan of the Point Break and Lethal Weapon actor. Busey actually took part in promotional materials involving the game. He was in on it all along, as was Gary Cole. Cole will be playing the role of himself as an accomplice in a mission called “The Wildcard.”

It seems Busey has been making a comeback since his fall from fame. For years he’s been doing cameo appearances and playing minor roles in horror films and whatever he can get into. He is most known for playing Johnny Utah’s (Keanu Reeves) elder partner, Pappas, in Point Break, a film about surfers who rob banks to fund their pastime. The action classic was recently remade, but not before Vin Diesel starred with Paul Walker in a street racing version of the same story, known as The Fast and the Furious.

Gary Busey, the next Hitman Elusive Target, was also known for playing Mister Joshua, a villain with incredible pain tolerance and martial arts fighting skills in Lethal Weapon. He was also one of the main villains in Steven Seagal’s Under Siege, dressing in drag and making his presence as Commander Krill memorable.

Busey’s appearance and voice are always unmistakable, and he’s capitalized on it ever since he stopped getting major roles. Toward the middle of the promo video, Gary Busey gave a victorious cheer as Gary Cole walked away.

Being Hitman‘s latest Elusive Target is possibly Busey’s big comeback, and he’s bringing the ever familiar crazy act with him. Once again playing himself in a meta spoof, he’s giving gamers the chance to send him to his grave. According to his alleged in-game character bio and sound byte, he has powers including invisibility, teleportation, fire breath, and mind control (all debunked), and he could be an invincible robot man.

Hitman has always been about Special Agent 47, a bald man with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head. The games are often free-roaming, giving you the opportunity to wait and watch your target for different ways to kill him or her. Of course, many gamers who get careless often just end up with a pile of dead guards dragged into an out of the way spot because they were caught.

According to the game, Gary Busey is currently mobile in Sapienza, Italy, and his shenanigans have marked him for death.

There is a catch to this “Wildcard” mission, though. Gamers will only have a week to find and kill him, starting today, July 21. The contest was apparently held on social media with hashtags asking Hitman gamers to choose #killBusey or #killCole, so it could have gone the other way, with Busey leading you to your new Hitman Elusive Target, Gary Cole.

It’s unknown if the in-game character will have Busey’s mannerisms or enthusiastic attitude, or the infamous toothy grin he’s known for. Being Hitman‘s Elusive Target, it is known that you will only have one chance at it, so the payoff will probably be a handsome sum.

For many, this week’s Hitman Elusive Target carries the simple bonus of taking out one of Hollywood’s most memorable actors from the 80s. Will you accept the challenge to kill Gary Busey this week?

[Image via Square Enix]