Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Launching New High Fashion Perfume

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are preparing to launch a new perfume for their high fashion line Elizabeth and James.

Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that the twins will launch the new fragrance in March 2013 and that it will be sold in partnership with retail chain Sephora.

Mary Kate and Ashley are no strangers to perfume sales; in their younger years, they launched a pair of perfume lines known as Mary-Kate and Ashley One and Mary-Kate and Ashley Two. Those lines featured such city themed hits as London Beat, Tokyo Fusion, L.A. Style, and N.Y. Chic.

This time around, the girls, who transitioned to high fashion in 2007, plan to release a more grown up perfume that appeals to their older audience. Poking fun at the new line, HuffPost writes:

“If we had to guess what the new Elizabeth and James fragrance will smell like, we’d put our money on Starbucks coffee mixed with cigarette smoke with base notes of fresh animal skins.”

The cost of the perfume, its scen,t and other considerations have not been revealed at this time. If I had to guess, I would say it’s going to smell like Bob Sagat.

Would you run out to purchase a Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen high-end perfume product?